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Today we will talk about some of the apps that will make using your Android much easier. And all these apps are new, fresh, cool and very useful for daily life work. You must know these apps.

This app is a very rare apps and all the apps are available in the plays store. So let’s get started interesting android tricks.

2 useful hacks tips tricks

Android Apps Apps No.- 1 : N Docs :-

android apps

N Docs app is most useful for those who have pdf, text, excel, word, powerPoint files together on their mobile.

In general, this app is an all in one file reader app. In addition, if you want to organize all the files like pdf, text, excel, word, powerPoint etc. on your mobile, then this app will come in handy.

For this you need to download the N Docs app playstore first. Then open the app and you will see a clean, and cool ui. This app will automatically organize all the files. In this app you can create pdf file, create text file and if you want to create html file.

Android Apps No.- 2 : Face Pause :-

So suppose you are watching a video. And at that time someone called you. So for that you miss the video for a few moments. Then this app will solve this problem to skip back word to see that moment. But if you use Face Pause app while watching video, then the video automatics will be paused as soon as you remove your face from the phone.

This app detects your face for video pause. And the screen will be locked until you look at the screen. Then you can see the video again as soon as you look at the screen. You don’t have to do much for it. You need to download the app from palystore. Then you have to allow two permission.

If you want to have a link to all the apps, you can download from the link or you can download directly from palystore.

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Hope so, You are enjoy this post. You have any problem, so you can ask doubt in comment. So surfing internet carefully, with some experience and knowladge. Cuse of internet is so dengerous. Hacker always behind of you.

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