4 Things That A Technical Gig Should Know:

Today I will talk about 4 Things That A Technical Gig Should Know. So this post is an Funny post. So read it carefully for Batter information.

So Without Weasting any time let’s get started.


Remaimber Password:

First of all a technchal gig needs to know how to be careful on the internet. After logging in to an account on a friend’s mobile or cyber cafe, you should never save the password.

When logging in to a cyber cafe, you need to be careful whether there is a keylogger on the computer on which you are entering the password. So not only from the front of the computer, but also from the back of the computer must be checked once. You must check once to see if your password is secure where you are entering the password.

So a technchal gig always knows how to save himself and his password.

Anonymously Surfing Internet :

Anonymously Surfing Internet

The second thing a technchal gig needs to know is, anonymously surfing the internet.This is not to say that you should go to America and join the Anonymous group after the anonymous musk.

I mean, you have to know how to surf the internet without any restrictions. Be it using vpn, or using Tor browser, or using Proxy. You need to know how to surf the internet by hiding the IP address. And this is the most important thing.

And if you do not know how to use VPN, then how to go to a hotel or Public wifi securely surfe? Because hotel wifi or public wifi is not sucure. And if you don’t know how to surf the internet by becoming anonymous, then maybe you are not a technical person.

Repear Laptop Keyboard :

The third thing that technchal gig needs to know is to repear the keyboard of the laptop. You may be thinking that repearing the keyboard of a laptop is the job of a mechanic. So you are also a mechanic. And replacing a laptop keyboard is not rocket science. Laptop keyboard is easy to replace. Only a ribbon cable has a keyboard connect.

So a technchal gig must know some work of heardware, electronics.

Assemble A computer :

The fourth thing a technchal gig needs to know is to assemble a computer. You think I’m kidding. But no. A technical gig must know how to assemble a computer. A few days ago assembling a computer was considered as rocket science. But now even children know how to assemble a computer.

If you go to a store to assemble a computer, the shopkeeper can take a lot of money from you. Some shopkeepers don’t even have 5000 rupees to build a PC. If you want to save money then you must learn Pc build. And now there are many Youtube channels who teach PC build in a very easy way. So you can definitely learn from there.

So a technical gig must know all this.


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