4 Unknown Fact About Technology. Must Read!!

4 Unknown Fact About Technology: 

In the previous post of Dark web we explain Unexplained Part Of Dark Web? In this post we are talking about Top 4 Technology Fact that no one know.

So let’s get started Top 4 Facts About Technology

4 Unknown Fact About Technology. Must Read!!

Fact 1- Computer Dicovered 1786:

Johann helfrich von müller is the name of a man. The first computer was made in a paper in 1786. The algorithm that works in the computer he made it on a paper. He named this computer Deference Engine. And many people do not know that the computer began to make since 1786.

Fact 2- Father Of Computer Science:

Bob Thomas created the first computer virus in 1971. Whose name was Creeper worm. It was the first virus in the world.

Did you know, Father of Computer Science whose name is Alan Turing he committed suicide. Alan Turing was Homo Sextual.

At that time, being a homosexual was considered a crime. If a person is born with something, there is nothing wrong with him. This is how God made him. It should be accepted by the society.

So Alan Turing’s Sextual Hormone was treated so that he could be healthy and normal. He was not allowed to do his research.

The man found out that Alan Turing Homosexuals had not been allowed to do any more research since then. His treatment was always going on. And annoyed by all this, he committed suicide.

Fact 3- Our Body Has Electric Power:

Our Body Has Electric Power

Did you know that our heart moves at current? our Brain runs through Current. Also our heartbeat runs through current.

And this electric pulse is what you see on the screen. If you have ever had an ECG, you must have seen it. So also have electricity in our body. Our Heart, Brain Everything works by this Electric Power.


Fact 4- Facebook- Removed Facial Data:

Did you know that Facebook has decided to completely remove facial recognition. If you look at Facebook’s Data File, you will see that Facebook creates a separate folder to store Facial Data. So maybe your Facial Data has been stored by Facebook.

Facial Data is a Sensitive Data. Facial Data is currently used in many places. Your Facial Data is being stored by a company which has Data Lacked almost daily.

So this type of company should have your Facial Data? Absolutely not. And because of this fear, Facebook has decided to completely remove facial recognition.

Fact 5- Computer Run using Water: 


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