5 Website You Should Know!! :

5-website-you -should-know

Today I will talk about some of the websites that will completely change your web experience. Some fun websites that you may have never seen before. This website are really funy and very knowladgealbe. All website link available on this post. So, with out weasting any time let’s get start 5 Website You Should Know.

Check Google Account Status – myaccount.google.com/inactive :

myaccount.google.com/inactive You can control your account by searching this link on google. If you haven’t used your Gmail account in a long time, who would you like to share Gmail data with?Or you can set everything you want to change the account here. In case if you do not use your account for many days then you can transfer your data to any Trusted account. This will not lose your important data anywhere. Not many people know it. But now you know.



Gain Unlimited Knowledge- Z Library :


If you search Z library in google, then you will find a website where you can read any kind of book, Article in free.

There are so many books in this website that you can get Unlimited knowledge from here. All kinds of books are available here. It is a library with many books. And this website is completely free.

However, one of the problems with this website is that it is a little slow loading. However, if your Internet connection is fast, then there is no problem. If you use slow internet or have low network speed then give some time for loading.



India of 2050- 2050.earth :


So this website is the most interesting website. You can see what the countries will be like in 2050. The name of the website is 2050.earth.

If you search 2050.earth on google then you will see this website. Real prediction is shown here. You will see how different countries will change in 2050. Here are all the countries.

I have seen 2050 India. India has changed completely in 2050. New technology is emerging. The skin is made of china, where there is no need for food.

You can make food from sunlight. You too must check once the world of 2050. But before that read the whole post well because it has an interesting website.



Driving Car Anywhere – Google map driving simulator:

most popular website must know

If you search Google for Google map driving simulator, you will find a website where you can drive anywhere in the world. You can set your location using latitude and longitude and drive. This is a very interesting website. So drive anywhere in the world on Google map. And have fun with friends.



Airplane Simulator – geo-fs.com :

Last website from 5 Website You Should Know is, If you search geo-fs.com on Google, a website will open where you can fly any plane with real people. And you can chat with people who are flying. You can also control the graphics of this game. This plane is a little difficult to fly but if you learn how to fly.




So these are just 5 Website You Should Know that you should try. You will find many new things in these websites. You will be able to learn new things.

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