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Anti delete malware

In today’s post we will discuss how Hacker Anti delete malware designe. How does anti delete malware work? This type of malware is very useful in the hacking industry.

If this type of malware is installed on your device, you can not easily uninstall this malware.

This type of malware uses a function, works through a permission, we will discuss all these details.

If you are doing reverse engeeniaring of malware, then you must know how to perform attack on android device. So let’s start today’s topic How to work anti delete malware?

Before you know how anti delete malware works, you need to know if there is any permission on the mobile phone through which malware covers the whole phone.

Most Dengerous Permission :

If we talk about android device, then the most dangerous permission accesibility permission. If Accessibility permission of a malware is allowed then any permission of that malware device can allow. Can even allow any additional permission. Even you may not know that this malware has given all permission. This means that any application can install without your permission.

What kind of permission does Never Uninstall Malware want?

1. This malware captures all the notifications that come to the device.

2. The keyboard will capture what you are typing. This malware will even capture your credit card details, banking details, password.

3. In addition, if you use any gestures or wherever you tap on the mobile, swipe these malware will continue to capture.

So if you allow these permissions, then this malware automatically allows the rest of the permissions. If this malware is instructed to install an app, then this malware installs the app automatically without user permission.

How Does Work Malware In The Backend : How Malware Covers The Whole System?

These features work in never uninstall malware based on accessiblity permission. When this type of malware is designed, some instruction is added in the accessibility file so that accessibilty permission is allowed on the mobile as well as aditional permission.

Additional Permission is a type of permission that captures the guesture of the entire mobile device. Even captures the whole screen.

After allowing this type of malware, it cannot be easily uninstalled. If you go to the settings option to uninstall these apps to uninstall the app, then this malware will redirect you to the home screen.

This malware will even redirect you to the home screen if you want to turn off any services by going to the devlopers option. So in this way the function of never uninstall malware works.

Assume that you have reached the uninstall option. Then if you click on the uninstall option, it will redirect you to the home screen again. Because this malware has device admin permission allow. And if you want to turn off admin permission, it will skip you again and again.

There are two steps to follow to uninstall such malware.

First you need to de-activate the device admin permission of this malware. Then this malware will be uninstalled. And if you want to turn off admin permission, it will skip you again and again.

So you may have realized how dangerous admin permission can be.


No one will tell you these in Cyber security topic. So there are some tasks in cyber security which are very challanging.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you like it, share the post with fraind, family. This will also protect them from such malware.

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So much for today. See you next with a new topic.

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