Ayushman Card Advance Technology. 3 Security Concern

Ayushman Card Advance Technology:

Ayushman Card Advance Technology

Today I will talk about an interesting topic. It’s topic is Ayushman card? You may be thinking what is the relationship of technology with Ayushman card. Of course there are relationships. There is a big technology hidden in Ayushman card.

You may know that some time ago when the making of Aadhaar card was started, many people used to earn money by fraud in the name of making Aadhaar card. Aadhaar used to take a lot in the name of card. So for this you have to be careful all the time and make Aadhaar card from the right place.

Ayushman card This is a new card where we will have all the medical details. Just as the Aadhaar card has all the details of our identity, so will the Ayushman card have our medical details. +

This card will have a unique number such as Aadhaar card or ATM card. If you show Ayushman Bharat Card at the hospital or any medical hall, all the details of your health will come. What is your blood group, what are your diseases, what are your allergies to any medicine, when you were admitted to any hospital, what was vaccinated, all the data will be stored in this card.

All this data will be kept secret. Not everyone can access data from this card. All this data will be stored in a safe and secure way. This data may be kept encrypted.

Ayushman will use blockchain technology in card technology. And block chain technology means safe and secure. This card can only be accessed by an authorized doctor.

What are the benefits of Ayushman card

What are the benefits of Ayushman card?

We have a lot of accidents in India. Maybe how many accidents are happening at the moment. So if there is no one with the person who has had an accident or if the person who has had an accident is not in a condition to talk, then this card will be very useful at that time.

It is very important to know what the blood group is after the accident or any previous illness.

Every second becomes very important to save a person’s life. During this time, blood tests or other ailments are often time consuming. And if you have this card with you, the doctor will put the card in the system quickly and you will get all the data at once. The doctor will be able to treat very quickly and in a perfect way. This is a very good move.

You can talk to the doctor online through Ayushman card. You can book an appointment at any hospital sitting at home. You can identify your medical identity using the unique number on this card.

Another advantage of this card is that if the government launches a medical scheme or someone wants to give a fund for the treatment of a poor person, they can give through this card.

Ayushman Card security :

Now I will talk about Ayushman Card Advance Technology. This card has some good aspects as well as some bad aspects. Where this data will go, how it will be kept, is a matter of concern. Because it can be very scary to have data lacked about someone’s health.

So it doesn’t matter to us. There are big cyber security experts who are always trying to secure our data.

India is slowly making progress. Everything is going digital. The more data we upload to the internet, the more likely it is to be hacked. Because ordinary people now do not know how to use the internet in a secure way.

So if you want to get updates about technology then you can join my website. Here you can learn about all types of internet security. You can also let me know your problem via comment or message, but it has to be technology related.

You can also do that if you know something. I’ll reply as soon as possible. Data lacked is not only in our country, but also in big countries. Sometimes google, Microsoft’s data is also lacked. We are normal users. This is a negative point.

Besides, everything is fine. India is slowly moving forward. This is the greatest joy.

Let me know how you feel about this project.
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This is Ayushman Card’s Advance Technologyand  3 Security Concern. Always Be careful Cuse of internet is so dengerous.

You Can Not Hide In The Internet

Always Mind it then surfing the internet.

How To Surfing Internet Safely

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