bgmi scam


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Today’s post is for gamers. Those who love to play the game must read this post. And those who do not play the game also read the post. Because today I will talk about BGMI game scam. Now BGMI Scam is a big problem.

So those who do not play the game can read the post and warn others. So let’s get started.

bgmi scam

BGMI Lite:

bgmi lite

Now many people demand that BGMI game has come but why BGMI lite has not come. Or when BGMI lite will launch. When will BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA lite come? Unable to load device. Is it really a problem? Will BGMI lite come or not?

Today I will talk about this topic. I will also talk about another issue, BGMI scam.

There are many such websites who are also giving links to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA lite. This means that the Crafton company itself does not know whether the BGMI lite will come or not. And these websites are giving links. These links may be malware, spyware, ransomware links. I don’t know where they are getting the link from or how they are getting it. It seems to be in the parallel universe. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA lite may have been launched in their universe.

I want to warn you that BGMI lite game has not come yet. Crafton company and BGMI lite did not say anything. And do not click on the link of such games. This can be dangerous for you.

BGMI Game Problem:-

bgmi game problem

So see in 2019 pubg lite was launched for those who used the device below android version 5. And for those who used 2 gb RAM mobile. So the pubg is ban. So the lite version is also ban.

So the popularity of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA has increased a lot. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIAlite version may be launched for this. But it will not come because of this, now all the phones that are launching have 3 GB of RAM. And BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIAmuch better optimized than pubg.

Besides, you can download simple graphics without downloading hd graphics pack to play on low requirement device. It does not show your graphics very well, but the game will run very smooth.

So my guess is that BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIAlite may never come. Besides, if the company wants to make more income, thenBATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIAlite may come. But the chances are low. Because now most people have a good phone available.

I told you why BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIAlite may or may not come. So the rest of the time will tell.

If you like this post, please share it. And if you want yourBATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIAlite, do not want to let me know in the comments. Maybe Crafton company is reading this post. And maybe launched BGMI lite.

So surfing internet carefully and with some experience or knowladge. Cuse of internet is so dengerous.

You Can Not Hide In The Internet

Always Mind it then surfing the internet.

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