Big Scam On YouTube

Big Scam on YouTube !!:

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In this post we are talking about Big Scam On YouTube? How save from these scammers?

I explain in detail. Sit with your patience.
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Cyber criminals have become much smarter than before. The new target of these cyber criminals is YouTubers. Earlier, Cyber Criminals used to target big leaders, government websites, big actors.

But now they are targeting YouTubers. Maybe your favorite YouTubers channel has ever been hacked. Or if you are a Youtuber your channel may be hacked unless you are careful now.

Also, if you have an email account, read the post carefully. So if you read this post carefully, you will survive.

A few days ago, google said that a huge phishing scam is being run on Youtubers. People are being recruited for this scam. However, it is not known which group, who is doing all this.

However, anyone can be behind this group. And any country can be. It could also be that they are Black Hat Hackers from another country. Who are working for their Government. But China is the most skeptical.

Recruitment ad has been seen in some places. Those who will work for this group will be given 25% to 70% of the total profit.

Many people who see these ads say that they are Russian scammers. Because these ads are written in Russian language.

How Scammer Attack Youtubers?

How Scammer Attack Youtubers?

These scammers offer YouTubers to promote any Beauty product, VPN, Software, Website etc. When those Youtubers agree to promote, then these scammers send a link or file.

And whenever Youtubers click on this link or download the file, the channel is hacked immediately. And he lost all control from this channel.

What To Do After YouTube Channel hacked

After hacking the YouTube channel, these scammers live stream Bitcoin. Scammers say to double Bitcoin. People believe and send bitcoin.

You may be wondering who will give Bitcoin? This is how scammers looted a lot of money from ordinary people in American Counters. And Bitcoin Transaction can not be traced. And this is why these scammers looted money and fled. Here No money doubles.

And when you wake up in the morning, you can find out that your channel has been hacked. Sometimes these YouTube channels are sold on the Black market.

So see, by the time Youtubers reach his channel, his channel is completely hacked.

Young youtubers or those who are new to YouTube do not know how to contact YouTube or how to reach YouTube. This time Youtubers get bored. And using the audience of that channel, scammers start earning income.

How Save Form Scammers? :

Whenever you open a new YouTube channel, turn on Two step verification. Even Gmail account on two step verification.

This will not completely end the scam. However, such scammers will be slow down a lot.

The second thing to do, Gmail password can not be simple or easy. The easier the password, the easier it will be to crack.

Password must have Alpha Numeric character, Special character.

Large Influencers use the Security key. Which gives a high-level protection to the account. Also you can use security key.

If there is an Unknown message in your Gmail, and if there is a link, then never open the link. And if there is a file, then it will not download. If you do, your entire device may be compromised.

Sometimes the company sends a ZIP file for sponsorship. No one will ever download these files. This is a very serious matter.

What To Do After  YouTube Channel Hacked :

What To Do After  YouTube Channel hacked? If your YouTube Channel has ever been hacked, call YouTube as soon as possible. They will definitely help you.


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