Biggest Outage Of Facebook

Biggest Outage Of Facebook- Facebook Expose! : 

Tomorrow means 4th September. You noticed the biggest outage of Facebook. What was the reason for this? Today I will share with you some true facts that will shake your brain.

You will read this post well. I promise that today I will share with you dangerous information about Facebook which is a dark secret.

Biggest Outage Of Facebook

After the outage of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg informed that this outage has been done to change the configuration of the router. For this 6 hours all the products of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram were all shut down. This has been reported by Mark Zuckerberg. According to Mark Zuckerberg, everything ends here.

Frances Haugen Statement- :

But not everything ends here. It didn’t seem suspicious to you, that this kind of outage happened after Facebook was exposed. Does router configuration take so long?

Did you know that Frances Haugen, a 37-year-old data scientist, is an ex-employee of Facebook? Frances Haugen worked at a fakebook company. 


Frances Haugen


Frances Haugen states that the algorithm of fakebook is so bad that factbook only thinks about money income. Video of various riots, violence, supporting political party, pushing political agents, depressing people, showing people content that makes people start fighting among themselves.

You may have noticed that this kind of fight continues. These fights do not happen by chance. Fighting is done knowingly.

You may think the question is that Facebook never tells anyone to fight. No, not at that time. Facebook shows some content that causes people to disagree and people start fighting among themselves. And more fighting means more Facebook’s usage. And more usage means more Mark Zuckerberg’s income. Mark Zuckerberg not thinks of people, society, just think about money. That’s what Facebook’s ex-employee said.

Data Scientist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist Why do people who play with this kind of brain work on Facebook? Facebook’s machine, data center does not need more people to manage all this. Just a few people is enough.

Data scientist, psychologist, psychiatrist Why do people with such a strategy work on Facebook company? Have you ever wondered? Facebook is playing with your Mind. They design algorithms in such a way that people become addicted. And Facebook is a kind of addiction, which makes people depressed.

Facebook’s ex-employee, Frances Haugen, also said that Instagram’s algorithm and Instagram’s new features are designed in a way that depresses teenagers or baby girls. Baby girls can’t be happy to see their own bodies. They want to be like influencers. In such a fake world, high-quality video, expensive clothes are forced into the brain of teenagers. It takes them far away from simplicity and normal life. Not everyone can achieve all these things. And at the end of the day the kids go into depression.

Most of the people who come to fight on social media are depressed. They move far away from normal life.

Now you may think that this data, this depression, fighting for this political party, promoting this violence, spreading rumors does not matter. So if you think so, let me tell you, for all these reasons, the whole world can be filled with violence. As a result, riots could break out all over the world.

We all spend most of our time on social media. And if a single poison is spread on social media, then indirectly the whole world can be destroyed.

Maybe this is something you’re having fun with. But the matter is not so funny. And that’s why the American government questions Mark Zuckerberg almost every day. And after this matter, a huge storm is going to come on social media. If it continues like this, then the bad times of Facebook are not too late.

Mark Zuckerberg has lost 7 billion dollars within 6 hours. And whether it is direct or indirect. Mark Zuckerberg has dropped far below the list of richest people. And this event is not at 6 o’clock. The incident took place when Facebook’s ex-employee, Frances Haugen, exposed the matter.

Mark Zuckerberg does not do all this work directly but supports such work. Didn’t Mark Zuckerberg know that such an algorithm could be created to make people angry or addicted to using Facebook?

Why Outage Of Facebook- Facebook Outage Real Reason

Don’t you find it doubtful that the outage was when Frances Haugen exposed everything? This outage was not done knowingly or the system was not turned off to hide all the evidence? Or is there no other secret behind it? Nothing is known about all this now.

It was the Biggest Outage Of Facebook. And it was the biggest expose so far.

I can say that this is the exposure of Facebook and the outage of Facebook, these two events are not different. Somewhere these two events are related to each other and this is the facebook outage real reason

MR. Mark Zuckerberg No matter what you say, is there ever 6 hours off for the configuration of the router, who is driving you crazy? Mr. Zuckerberg.


This is the Biggest Outage Of Facebook. What do you think? Didn’t Facebook play with your mind somewhere? Do you just open Facebook when you pick up the phone? If so, are you doing it yourself, or has Facebook programmed your Brain There are many big mysteries behind this incident.

But do it well. And be careful. If you like this post, please share.


So surfing internet carefully and with some experience or knowladge. Cuse of internet is so dengerous.

You Can Not Hide In The Internet

Always Mind it then surfing the internet.

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