Dark Secret Of Technology That No One Knows

Dark Secret Of Technology That No One Knows:

Today we are going to talk about some of the top secrets of technology that no one knows about it and Which no one has ever told you.

These are such dark secrets. Which never comes out. So today we are here for some of these dark secrets that you may leave after using the Internet. I hope you will not be afraid because you are visitors of Secure With Arpan. And Secure With Arpan  visitors are never afraid of the internet.

Top Secret Of Internet- How SD Card Slow Down Your Smartphone:

Did you know that if you use SD Card on Android Phone and move Mobile Application to the SD card then your mobile becomes a bit slow because the Read and Write Speed of the SD card is much less than the memory speed of mobile? In this case, the class 10 SD Card is much faster.

Now most of the mobiles are of 64 GB storage. In that case, the sd card of any normal user is not very much needed. However, it is better to use a memory card to store media files. But moving apps is not a good choice. It’s a secret that no one will tell you.

Dark Secret Of Technology- Why Jio Speed Reduce After 50% Data Usage:

why jio speed reduce after 50% data usage

Do you ever feel that your data speed has decreased after using 50% of any operator mobile data like jio, Airtel, or VI? And if you think so, you are not alone. Many users have reported that jio, airtel, or vi any operator reduces your data speed after using 50% of mobile data. And it’s not your mind’s fault. That’s true. So why is this?
In fact, this operator never gives what he promises. And all the operators talk about giving high-speed data but they don’t. And this operator wants you to use more and more expensive recharge plans. So that your daily data is a lot. And so you can not use 50% of daily data. And I can say with guarantee that the operator reduces the speed after 50% use.

Dark Secret Of Technology- Don’t Play Play-to-win Game

Dark Secret Of Technology That No One Knows

In India, there are more than half of the online gambling apps such as play-to-win apps, Rummy, fantasy cricket app fraud. All of these apps are addictive to win at first. Then you lose all the money.

There are many people who lose a lot of money. And if you look closely, you will see that these apps are not available in the play store. Because these apps are against google’s policy. And their work style is wrong.

Youtubers are paid a lot of money to promote these apps, so YouTubers promote this app without judging the good and bad of this app. And they do not earn so much money. And they are paid 6000 rupees for an ad. And they say that I have won 10 lakh rupees. For these reasons, these apps are not available in the play store.

Now all the developers are making a play-to-win app. Those who are addicted to winning first then just keep losing. And the algorithm of all these apps is set this way. It’s a Top secret that no one will tell you.


So today I shared some secrets that most people don’t talk about it. and this is also unknown fact of technology. So I hope you surfing internet carefully and with some experience and knowladge. Cuse of internet is so dengerous.

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Always Mind it then surfing the internet.

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