Dark Web On Android. Warning!!

Dark Web On Android:

In the previous post we talked about Server Location Of Dark Web !! Can We Hack Dark Web Server. In this post we will talk about How to access Dark Web Andorid. What is the drawback of it?

So let’s Get Start….

Can Dark Web be accessed using mobile? Is it safe to access dark web on mobile? What are the risks of surfing Dark web or deep web through mobile? I will talk about this today.

Deference Between Dark Web & Deep Web :

So first of all one thing to keep in mind is that there is a huge difference between the Dark Web and the Deep Web. Dark web and deep web are two completely different things.

Deep web means a website or a search result that is not indexed in a search engine. The bank balance you see is also part of a deep web.

Besides, the data of any office employee which is not indexed is also a part of a deep web.

Interesting thing is that if you have private file in google drive then it is also part of a deep web. Because it is not indexed in the search engine.

Most of the things that are not indexed in the search engine are part of the deep web. This is the big Deference Between Dark Web & Deep Web

Software Requirement:

The deepest part of the deep web is the Dark Web. Not everything in the Dark Web is illegal. There are many forums on the Dark web where there is normal discussion which is not illegal. However, most parts of the Dark Web are illegal.

So if you surf Dark web, deep web or Onion site from phone then you have to download 2 software. One is Orbot, the other is Orfox which is software made by Tor. So these two software works like TOR.

According to the company, you can use Dark web, deep web or surf through mobile using Orbot and Orfox. There is no problem.

Surfing Dark Web On Android Is Safe? :

Surfing Dark Web On Android Is Safe

But, on what operating system are you surfing? You are surfing the Dark Web on Android Operating System. And you must know that Android Operating System is not a secure platform.

Where iOS is a lot from Secure Android. Because ios develops their own software. iOS platform app development is not an open environment. We have to accept it.

But for android, baby boy is making android application, making payload, making virus, malware, binding malware with application.

So android comes with many types of viruses. Because it is an open platform. And the most used operating system for mobile in this world is Android. For this, the security of Android is very weak.

So now think that the environment itself is not secure, there is a huge risk of surfing the dark web.

What Problems Can Occur If You Surf The Dark Web On Android?

The biggest problem is that it can steal photos from the camera of your mobile phone. So you may think how this is possible. Owners of big tech companies do not trust the operating system where their operating system is very secure.

And that’s why Mark Zuckerberg taped his laptop’s camera. So isn’t Mark Zuckerberg the best antivirus effort? Of course he can.

So can’t Mark Zuckerberg make the most secure laptop effort in the world? Of course you can.

But he still keeps the tep. Because no one wants to take security risk. In addition, all systems have some or the other vulnerability.

And this is the reason you should not do Dark Web Access on Android. Hack, bug, vulnerability is available on Android almost every day. So should you still take the risk? Not at all.

This may cause your data to be lacked. Your data may fall into the wrong hands and he may misuse your data.Dark web has bad people like hackers, murderer. And if your data is lacked here then it can be a huge risk for you.

How to use Dark Web?

First of all you need a computer or laptop to use Dark Web. A good quality Premium VPN is required. And the most important thing is the TOR Browser.

And Tor browser should be used in the same way as instructed. And if you are a beginner then do not change the setting of Tor browser at all.

When opening Tor browser, keep the window size as it is. If you change the window size of Tor browser then your screen size may be leaked.

You may be think what the problem is if the screen size is locked. There are many problems. A small mistake in a place like Dark Web can do a lot of damage. And accessing the Dark Web means that everyone must have anonymous first.

Therefore, no location permission, notification, storage permission should never be given here.

Conclussion :

The things I said today, you may have never heard of before. I update this kind of interesting post on this website and my instagram.

I hope you understand Dark Web On Android. Warning!!  Using the Dark Web does not mean illegal. If you do bad things, that’s illegal. Wherever it is Dark Web, Deep Web, Surface Web.

The Dark Web is not a funny thing. Black hat hackers hang out here. Hope you never visit the Dark Web. If you want to see the Dark Web, you can let me know by commenting. I will try to show you the Dark Web. And if you want to visit the Dark Web yourself, don’t go without knowledge. It can be very dangerous.

I was also a Dark Web user. I quit accessing the Dark Web. I’ll let you know in a post why I stopped accessing My Dark Web.

why dark web dangerous? What happened to me. You just keep supporting me. I will share all my real experiences

Also, if you Want any information, related to technology, you can also let me know by commenting.
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Please let me know what you think about the Dark Web On Android.

So friends, that’s all for today. If you like the post, you must Like and share. We will meet with a new topic, Good bye for then ..

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