Dark Web Search Enginee:

Today I will talk about DuckDuckGo, Dark Web Search Engine. What is DuckDuckGo? Is DuckDuckGo a part of Dark web? Is DuckDuckGo Illegal? Is DuckDuckGo a part of Dark Web?

Today Discuss these matter in details. So, please read carefully before visit dark web.

What Is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is a search enginee like google. But it’s main features is, DuckDuckGo not trace or tracked.

For example, Google. You use Google but you don’t have to pay money. You are giving your data to Google.You are giving Google your Search history, Location Data, your shopping history. Google Ad shows your history using these. And money makes income.

DuckDuckGo does not track anyone, does not trace people. And DarkDuckGo can be used to access the Dark Web. Tor browser’s main search engine is DuckDuckGo.Because DuckDuckGo doesn’t track anyone. Does not discriminate. As Google does.

Google shows area-based, people-based ads. Google sometimes changes our search results for ad. But DuckDuckGo doesn’t do it.

Is DuckDuckGo A Part Of Dark Web?


No DuckDuckGo is not part of the Dark web. DuckDuckGo or Dark Web Search Engine, only connects to Tor. If you want you can access DuckDuckGo with your normal browse. It is a normal search engine like google.

But you Dark web website or deep web website you can not access with the help of normal browser. In this case Tor browser is needed. And that means DuckDuckGo is not part of the Dark web. It is a part of the serface web. Without Tor you can not visit onion website.

Not all onion websites are illegal. There are some onion websites which are not illegal. But the working mechanism of all these websites is the same as the working mechanism of Dark web and Deep web.

News about the Dark Web has surfaced that the NIA, CIA, as well as all the intelligence agencies in the United States are being trained so that they can stop the illegal activities going on in the Dark Web.

If you read the whole series of dark web on my website well, you will understand that all kinds of things are sold on the Dark Web.

From dark web vegetables to ghosts, spirits, toothbrushes, criminal documents, everything is sold here. But I don’t know if these are really ghosts or not.

Many people try to visit the Dark Web using the onion link which link available on surface
web but when they can’t, they think that the Dark Web does not exist. But it is not. Dark web links that are available on the surface web are all Dead. And the websites that we can’t see are still active.

People who say that the Dark Web does not exist tell them that the Dark Web does exist. Because I myself am a Dark web user. It’s a different matter that I quit the dark web. But the Dark Web really exists.

So I told you what is DuckDuckGo? Using DuckDuckGo is not illegal.

Conclussion :

The things I said today, you may have never heard of before. I update this kind of interesting post on this website and my instagram.

I hope you understand what is dark web search engine  Using the Dark Web does not mean illegal. If you do bad things, that’s illegal. Wherever it is Dark Web, Deep Web, Surface Web.

Surfing Dark Web On Android Is Safe

The Dark Web is not a funny thing. Black hat hackers hang out here. Hope you never visit the Dark Web. If you want to see the Dark Web, you can let me know by commenting. I will try to show you the Dark Web. And if you want to visit the Dark Web yourself, don’t go without knowledge. It can be very dangerous.

I was also a Dark Web user. I quit accessing the Dark Web. I’ll let you know in a post why I stopped accessing My Dark Web.

why dark web dangerous? What happened to me. You just keep supporting me. I will share all my real experiences

Also, if you Want any information, related to technology, you can also let me know by commenting.
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Please let me know what you think about it?

So friends, that’s all for today. If you like the post, you must Like and share. We will meet with a new topic, Good bye for then ..

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