Dark Web Seller - Discussion 2

Dark Web Seller:

Hello Friends,
Welcome to this series of Dark Web.

In the previous post of Dark web we explain dark web. In this post we are talking about seller of dark web.

So let’s get started.

Everything is available to buy on the Dark web. Dark web seller sell all kind of thing. For example – tools, serial killers, drugs, hackers are all available to buy. Again some people are selling carrots. I don’t know why dark web seller selling carrots. It may have any code. However, such things also happen in the Dark web. Some of these markets are going on, some are closed. The FBI has shut down many markets.

Do you know how the FBI catches Hacker?

how the FBI catches Hacker

When they operate the Dark Web, who catches them while operating. If not, there is no way to know who was operating this website.

And the owner of Silk Road was caught like this. The owner of this silk road was operating Dark Web in a cafĂ©. And that’s when the FBI raids and holds hands.
They are a lot of torchers. And I don’t think they ever get out of jail. Again, some people are severely punished.

What is silk road? What happened here? I will publish a dedicated post on all these matters.

I have seen many foreign Youtubers who have ordered Hard Disk from Dark web. These come again.
But if you order from India then these will not come. You should never order again. These are stolen things. So you go to buy stolen things.

how the FBI catches hacker

Being available at a lower price does not mean that you have to buy. And even if you buy, you will be in danger.You can also go to jail. Your family will be in trouble. The farther you stay away from all these things the better.

The less I talk about it, the more people will be in danger. I’ve seen a lot of people who just go with the introduction of the dark web. Says not to go here. Here are the bad things. But that doesn’t say what a bad thing it is.

So of course everyone should know what the upside is there. Only then will they stay away. And with this kind of introduction, their interest in visiting the Dark Web will increase.

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I hope you understand how denger the Dark Web is. Stay away from your Dark Web, that’s what I want. The Dark Web is not a funny thing.Black hat hackers hang out here. Hope you never visit the Dark Web. If you want to see the Dark Web, you can let me know by commenting. I will try to show you the Dark Web. And if you want to visit the Dark Web yourself, don’t go without knowledge. It can be very dangerous. I was also a Dark Web user.

I quit accessing the Dark Web. I’ll let you know in a post why I stopped accessing My Dark Web. why dark web dangerous? What happened to me. You just keep supporting me. I will share all my real experiences.

Please let me know what you think about the Dark Web by commenting.

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