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Dead Internet Theory:

What is dead internet

Is the Internet real? What is the real thing going on the internet? Are you real? What is Dead Internet Theory?

What Is Dead Internet:

According to Dead Internet Theory, internet ended in 2017. This means that the internet we are using is dead in 2017. Now the internet we use is actually a programming that is controlled by artificial intelligence. That’s what Dead Internet Theory says.

Is it true that the internet is fake now? This internet and the previous internet is no more? Today I will explore this Dead Internet Theory. So let’s get started.

Previously, all the articles we read on the internet were uploaded by people in image, text or video format. But now is not the time. BOTS, Artificial Intelligence has gone a long way in taking people over. Now most of the articles we read or watch now are generated by Artificial Intelligence. Which has been deployed by the government or any big influencer or any powerful person. This is the idea of Dead Internet Theory.

The Internet Is Real Or Not? :

is internet real

For example, let’s take a multiplayer game like pubg or free fire. When a multiplayer game like this is made by a popular developer, it doesn’t take long for the game to reach the people. But when a game like this is made by not popular developers, many people do not know that there is a game. So now you may be wondering what the game has to do with whether the internet is real or not. Of course there is a relationship.

Fake Multiplayer Games:

When a gamer plays the first game, he does not know how to play the game. So this time developers add BOT to the game. BOT somehow AI control fake enemy. But gamers think they are playing with real people. The dangerous thing is, the game never says who we hit is a BOT or a real player. They are also named in such a way that no one understands whether it is a BOT or a real player.

There are many such games which are FAKE multiplayer games. Where the player thinks he is playing with the real player. But all players are BOT.

This type of multiplayer game, where many players play together at the same time to control the server is not a very easy task. And this server is very valuable. And for this reason many developers add all the bots in the game. Many times the screen shows “connecting to the server” “server time out” this kind of fake wallpaper is added so that no one can understand.

Let’s Go Back To Theory:

Internet fake according to theory. The big politicians, businessmen, influencers are showing you what they want to show. This is how they control your mind. And someone is controlling what is being shown to you on the internet. Many big powers are controlling the internet. This is what this theory says.

I’m not saying that everything on the internet is fake. Because many of our acquaintances are on the internet. I mean most of the internet is fake.

Let’s Show A Little Proof Of This:

If you use Instagram, you will see that all the big influencers on Instagram have a lot of followers. There are millions of likes. Now if you look at their comment well, you will see a surprising thing, that the person is not writing the original comment. Most people gave emojis. People are not giving his real comment. But you won’t see this thing on YouTube. But why not watch it on YouTube?

Instagram looks like this because these are fake accounts or bot accounts. Influencers pay big companies for fake followers, fake likes. But why? What is the benefit of buying fake followers, fake like?
Because people will like to follow the channel which already has 1 million followers. And whose zero followers will never want to follow him. A beggar gives money only when he already has some money.

But why not watch it on YouTube?

Because YouTube took control of it in 2013. Before 2013, YouTube had more bots than humans. It’s about the time when Jio didn’t come. In 2013, YouTube removed all BOTs. But according to the theory, inversion has come in the whole internet after 2017. A small part of the whole internet is real. Even such a large social media platform as Facebook has more than 60 million BOT users. This has been acknowledged by Facebook itself.

Is Internet Real:

You may have noticed that there are some influencers on Instagram who are not popular but they come to the suggestion page. Someone he doesn’t know suddenly becomes popular.

In fact, he did not become popular. He has learned to play with algorithms. He bought BOT with money. And that’s why he came to the suggestion page. This is all fake. like, followers all fake. This is how it is going on nowadays. But no one will tell you these. This internet, this blogpost, this youtubers, this views, these subscribers are more than half fake.

So this Dead Internet Theory is proven to be true. I’m not saying all that fake. But nowadays most of them are fake. Our brains are being programmed somewhere.

You may have noticed that whenever you pick up your phone, you first visit YouTube or Facebook. Despite having billions of websites on the internet, you visit 5 to 6 websites throughout the day. Has this happened to you? Isn’t your brain being programmed somewhere? Artificial intelligence is not controlling you? Is internet real? What do you think? Artificial intelligence is not controlling you? Is the internet really fake? What do you think? Please let me know by commenting.


Hope so You are understand this theory. You have any problem, so you can ask doubt in comment. So surfing internet carefully, with some experience and knowladge. Cuse of internet is so dengerous. Hacker always behind of you.

You Can Not Hide In The Internet

Always Mind it then surfing the internet.

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