Extend Battery Life

Extend Battery Life

The First point is-

Many of you may use laptop and everyone uses phone. And there are many who use the battery until it is completely drain out. And in this case there is a lot of damage to the battery and some damage to the micro-controller. If you ever leave the battery completely discharged for two to three months, the battery is likely to be dead. It is a lithium ion battery system.

So laptop or phone battery should never be charged to 0%. Many people may think, then can phone or laptop always be used in charging mood ? Let’s answer it. Whether our laptop or mobile is smart, we are far behind in battery technology. First charge and then use, charge mobile or laptop while 25 to 30% charge available.

Using This way you canExtend Battery Life.

how to save battery

The second point is-

Some time laptop battery damaged because hot air can’t get out.So you must have a place to get hot air out. And this system is applicable for desktop. So it is important to have proper ventilation for all devices.

Using This way you can Extend Battery Life .

And the last point is-

Devices that run on batteries may be damaged by direct sunlight. So never use mobile or laptop in the sun.

Using This way you can Extend Battery Life.

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