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Face Recognition Attendance System Using Python

Face Recognition Attendance System Using Python

Face Recognition Attendance System Using Python

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Motivation 😲

We seek to provide a valuable attendance service for both teachers and students. Reduce manual process errors by providing an automated and reliable attendance system using face recognition technology.

Features 📋

  • Check Camera
  • Capture Faces
  • Train Faces
  • Recognize Faces & Attendance
  • Automatic Email

Screenshots 📷

Command Line Interface

Command Line Interdace

Checking Camera

Checking Camera



Tech Used 💻

Build With –

  • Python 3.7

Module Used –

All The Modules are the Latest Version.

  • OpenCV Contrib 4.0.1
  • Pillow
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Shutil
  • CSV
  • yagmail

Face Recognition Algorithms –

  • Haar Cascade
  • LBPH (Local Binary Pattern Histogram)

Software Used –

  • Pycharm 2019.2
  • Git

Installation 🔑

First Download or Clone the Project on Your Local Machine.To download the project from github press Download Zip

Download Now
Download Zip


You can clone the project with git bash.To clone the project using git bash first open the git bash and write the following code

git clone

After downloading, Open the project using Pycharm or VSCODE. Then we have to create a python environment to run the program.

create environment

First open the terminal or command line in the IDE.Then write the following code.

python -m venv env

Then activate the environment using the code below for Windows.


Notice: If your PC doesn’t have virtual environment or pip install follow this link. How to create Virtual environment]

Installing Packages

pip install opencv-contrib-python
pip install numpy
pip install pandas
pip install Pillow
pip install pytest-shutil
pip install python-csv
pip install python-csv
pip install yagmail

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