Facebook Destroying Student's Life. Slow Poison!!

Facebook Destroying Student’s Life:

Can we be successful in life if we stop using Facebook? Is Facebook preventing us from moving forward in life? Who is Manish Sethi? Why Elon Musk Fire Emoji in Monish Shethi Tweet?

Today I will discuss these matters.

Facebook Destroying Student's Life. Slow Poison!!

So let’s get started.

Slapping Job: Girl Slap Manish Sethi :

Manish Sethi is a Programmer. He lives in America. According to him, he can’t work properly for Facebook.

So he hired a girl from a wesite. And pay him $ 8 per / hour. The girl’s job is to slap Manish Sethi 🤣🤣. It’s mean a girl slap Manish Sethi.


Its very funny, doesn’t it? I also had fun at first. If you read the whole post then you will understand everything.

Manish Sethi’s illness is that he started using Facebook while working. So if he uses Facebook to work, then the girl will slap Manish Sethi. This is the girl’s job..

Elon Musk Tweet :

According to Manish Sethi, his productivity has increased by 98% after doing this. And Manish Sethi tweeted it. And Elon Musk sees this tweet and gives two fire emojis 🔥🔥.


So is it true that Facebook reduces productivity?
Yes, Facebook reduces productivity.

And I have seen personally, when I do something, I open a new tab and start checking Facebook. Sometimes running Facebook would take a lot of time and I wouldn’t even realize it.

There are many students who spend hours on Facebook scrolling. Even my parents are scrolling Facebook all day🤣🤣.

Mark Zuckerberg made a poisonous thing🤣🤣. It has become an addiction for us that we can’t do anything right. Social Media addiction is a bad addiction.

How To Save From Social Media Usage?- Facebook Addiction:

  • Uninstall or Disable Facebook App.
  • Logout the account after using Facebook. So you have to give password every time to login. It will be a little difficult to use Facebook.
  • Try to spend time on any other Educational Website or Application.
  • Learn to always focus on work.
  • Gradually reduce Facebook’s Daily Usage time. Download an app that allows Facebook Usage for a while. These apps called digital webling app.


Social Media addiction is a bad addiction. There are some people who use Facebook in between work. And I’m one of them. We have to work but we keep running Facebook. This is the reason I sometimes can’t post on time.

That’s why when Manish Sethi uses Facebook to work, and at the same time the girl slaps Manish Sethi hard. This is a very beautiful idea.

You may not know that Facebook is a poison. Facebook is actually a problem. People are not able to work properly, students are not able to read properly because of Facebook.

This is why “Delete Facebook” became a trend on the internet a few days ago. If you want to make some improvements in life, delete Facebook. Otherwise use Limited. That’s right.


Do a Google search for how you will stop using Facebook. There are many ways to get it. And leave Facebook as soon as possible.

And if you want me to post a way to leave Facebook, let me know by commenting.

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