Friends In Need Scam! – Biggest Scam:

Did you know that a WhatsApp Scam has started anew. It’s name Friends in need scam. This scam has happened to 59% of people in UK.

Tody we will talking about What is Friend In Need Scam? How does this scam work? How to survive this scam? All of you will be safe before this scam comes to India.None of you can do anything because I alwayas help you. So without weasting any time so let’s get started.

What Is Friends In Need Scam! :


This is a scam run on WhatsApp. Where a message comes from the number of your friends, family or relatives in WhatsApp.

And to say that my life is at stake, my child’s life is at stake. Please save my life. I’m abroad. I really need money. Please give me some money.

Then his friend sent the money. Then he disappeared with the money. And many such people have lost money. The scam is rife in the UK and some other countries.

So big that WhatsApp itself has said, beware of this scam. If someone wants money, be sure to call once and make sure it’s your friend or someone else. Or you can ask for a voice note. And if he doesn’t want to give these, then maybe it is a scam.

The problem is that sometimes we go into situations where we can’t receive a call or send a voice. This time it may be that he really needs money. So people are being forced to pay for this. But it should be checked once.

Similar scams are going on in India but very few. It is speculated that the scam will spread to India soon.

How To Work Friends In Need Scam?:

This scam is going on using WhatsApp of those whose phone has been stolen or lost somewhere. Or someone whose phone has been hacked in some way.

How To Save From Friends In Need Scam? :


So first make sure that the person you are paying is really your friend or relative. Does he really need money?

Many people say that our money should be wasted but nothing should happen to our family. Maybe he really needs money. A lot of times some accidents happen. I want God not to do this to anyone. In this situation people are saying that they will send money. But we must be careful to avoid fraud.


This is the Friends in need scam. My duty is to save you. My duty is to warn you. I also told you how to survive this scam.

This scam is going on on Facebook. Make a fake account of any of your friends and ask you for money .. We have to survive this scam. Again, many people talk about recharging. Always beware of these.

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