Haskers Gives Away ZingoStealer Malware For Free

The new trend about hackers- Haskers Gives Away ZingoStealer Malware To Haskers Gives Away ZingoStealer Malware For Free

A threatening crime-related character known as the Haskers Gang has released a malware program called ZingoStealer for free, allowing other criminal gangs to use the tool for malicious purposes.

“It combines the ability to steal sensitive information from victims and can download additional malware to infected systems,” Cisco Talos researchers Edmund Brumaghin and Vanja Svajcer said in a report shared with The Hacker News.

The Secret Story Of The Dark Web.

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In many cases ‘ZingoMiner’ is RedLine Stealer and an XMRig-based cryptocurrency computer mining program

But fortunately, the gangster announced on Thursday that the ownership of the ZingoStealer project is changing hands at the threatening new character, in addition to offering to sell source code for a negotiating price of $ 500.

Haskers Group Distributed Malware

Since its inception last month, ZingoStealer is said to be constantly upgraded and used mainly by Russian-speaking entities by packaging it as game scammers and scam software. The Haskers Gang is known to be active from at least January 2020.

In addition to harvesting sensitive information such as data, stealing wallet cryptocurrency data, and cryptocurrency mining from victims’ programs, the malware program uses Telegram as a tracking station and platform for distributing updates.

ZingoStealer distribution

Product customers can choose to pay around $ 3 to install a malware program on a custom encryption device called ExoCrypt that makes it possible to escape virus protection without relying on a third-party crypto solution.

The introduction of XMRig cryptocurrency mining software to the trader, researchers say, is an attempt by the malware writer to make money on a continuous basis using systems hosted by partner companies to produce Monero coins.

Malicious campaigns that bring in malware have taken the form of game-changing software or software crack, in which the horrible actors post YouTube videos advertising the features of the tools and their meaning, including a Google Drive or Mega file archive containing ZingoStealer payload.

Having said that, Cisco Talos has revealed that the implementation is also hosted on the Discord CDN, which suggests that the info stealer may still be distributed within Discord-related game servers.

Haskers Gives Away ZingoStealer Malware For Free
Haskers Gives Away ZingoStealer Malware For Free

ZingoStealer, on the other hand, has become a .NET binary that can collect system metadata and information stored on web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Opera GX, while also extracting data from cryptocurrency wallets.

In addition, a malware program is equipped to use a second malware program at the discretion of the attacker, such as RedLine Stealer, a rich information hacker who hires data from various browsers, applications, cryptocurrency wallets, and browser extensions. This may explain why the Haskers Gives Away ZingoStealer Malware For Free any enemy or another cybercriminal.

“All Users should be aware of the threats and don’t download these types of applications and should ensure that they only use applications that are legally distributed,” the researchers said.


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