How Did The Dark Web Get Started

How Did The Dark Web Get Started? :

How Did The Dark Web Get Started?Today we talk about this.

Welcome to this series of Dark WebIn the previous post of Dark web we explain Psycho In Dark web. In this post we are talking about some unknown fact abot dark. And also tell you some secret about Dark web.

This fact nobody tell you. Today I explain in detail. Sit with your patience.
So let’s get started How Did The Dark Web Get Started? 

history of tor browser

For those who don’t know what the Dark Web is, let me tell you that the Dark Web is a hidden part of the internet. The part of the Daily Internet that we surf is a small part of the whole internet. Only 5%. There are also parts that are hidden. Where there are only bad deeds, old mysteries, such things.

To visit the Dark Web, a link is required, a Special Browser is required. Ordinary people can never get there without knowledge. Ordinary people just go around on Facebook, Google, Instagram. Very few people can get there.

The Dark Web began in 1969 when a secret message was sent by ARPANET. So what is this ARPANET? ARPANET is a network for sending secret Which is not traced. ARPANET was created by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). It was only made for the Military Agency.

The time was 1980. When ARPANET is made available to the general public. And when ordinary people see that using ARPANET can remain anonymous and which is almost impossible to trace. So after knowing this, some people started selling illegal things here.

And from that time on, the misuse of this technology began.

Then the year 2000. When The Free Net technology started. Free Net is a software that allows people to chat from Anonymous. Anyone could share whatever thay wanted. When people saw that whatever they wanted to do here, people started using this technology very badly.

And from this time onwards started buying and selling illegal things, Movie Piercy, Piracy game etc.

History Of Tor Browser:

The time was 2002. At that time a new technology came. Whose name is TOR. Which we call TOR Browser. This TOR is a browser that creates a layer of IP address. Hides your IP in many IPs. Internet surfing can be done from Anonymous. And this is where Dark Web begins.

The US Army maintains this TOR Browser. And this Tor browser was not made for the common man at first. The American government later thought that privacy was important to everyone. So it is made available to the common man. This is the history of tor.

How Did The Dark Web Get Started?

Russia and China use Tor browser the most. You may know that the internet of Russia and China is not like our India. You will see what the governments of Russia and China want to show. You can’t upload whatever you want on the internet like in India.

So this is why people in Russia and China used this Tor browser to speak out against the government or to share what the government is doing wrong. Some journalists used this Tor browser in China for a good cause.

And this is the beginning of The Silk Route. The Silk Route Dark web is a website where all illegal things were sold.

So now you may have a question in your mind that how would the transection be after buying things from the Dark web?

The biggest contributor behind it is Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto was the first to introduce cryptocurrency. Which no one can trace. And this crypto currency was a boon for cyber criminals.

And gradually The Silk Route became a huge empire. Became a website that started providing illegal things all over the world.

And then all the American intelligence department was trying to catch the developer of The Silk Route. But this developer was so clever that he would be caught only when he maintains the website.

And the owner of Silk Road was caught like this. The owner of this silk road was operating Dark Web in a café. And that’s when the FBI raids and holds hands.
They are a lot of torchers. And I don’t think they ever get out of jail. Again, some people are severely punished.

The US government continues to shut down such websites on the dark web every day.

In 2013, the Dark Web became a huge part of the Internet. And Satoshi Nakamoto started the introduction of bitcoin in 2013.

Everyone started mining Bitcoin. And people started making a lot of transactions using Bitcoin. And so Bitcoin and the Dark Web create a huge empire.

Dark Web 21% of traffic comes from Russia. Then America.
Dark web is also used to speak against the government. You must know about The Great Firewall. China’s internet is regulated by the Chinese government. Whatever the government decides is available on the Internet.

The Dark Web is a medium that gives Chinese people a chance to speak freely. This dark web provides an opportunity to share what the Chinese government is doing wrong. Many doctors, journalists, scientists come to the dark web and share their words.

Did you know that using the dark web can make people sick? There are some disgusting things on the dark web that can make ordinary people sick.

And this is why I have started a dark web series on this website. Where I have discussed everything about the Dark web in detail. So that you do not visit here. And so that you can use the dark web in the right way.

I want you to stay away from the Dark web.

How Corona Virus Spread China :

Did you know that the dark web served as a huge tool when it came to the corona virus Spread. The Chinese government forbade the Chinese to tell people how the corona virus spread in China.

Those who come to Facebook and say that corona is a man made virus would block their post Facebook. But not anymore because the American government is looking into how the corona virus spread.

The American government is looking for the corona man made virus? Has the corona virus spread from the lab? A lot of this kind of information is not coming out of China.

But the dark web was a medium that Chinese doctors, scientists, researchers said that the corona virus may have come out of the lab. It also says that the corona virus is a man made virus. It’s not just me, all the countries are saying this.

We don’t know how true this is and how false it is. It can be known from the report in the government. But the dark web worked as a huge tool.


So, I hope I can understand. How Did The Dark Web Get Started?

I hope you understand how danger the Dark Web is. Stay away from your Dark Web, that’s what I want. The Dark Web is not a funny thing. Black hat hackers hang out here. Hope you never visit the Dark Web. If you want to see the Dark Web, you can let me know by commenting. I will try to show you the Dark Web. And if you want to visit the Dark Web yourself, don’t go without knowledge. It can be very dangerous.

I was also a Dark Web user.

I quit accessing the Dark Web. I’ll let you know in a post why I stopped accessing My Dark Web. why dark web dangerous? What happened to me. You just keep supporting me. I will share all my real experiences.

Also, if you Want any information, related to technology, you can also let me know by commenting.
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Please let me know what you think about the Dark Web by commenting.

So friends, that’s all for today. If you like the post, you must Like and share. We will meet with a new topic, Good bye for then ..

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