How Fix Hacked Android Phone:

Android phones are often considered secure because they have a lot of security features. So is it possible to hack an Android phone? Yes, of course possible. No matter how many security features activate in your device, a hacker finds a weak point of mobile for access your phone. Sometimes, a hacker can misuse the little information given by an Android phone user to access his phone.
If you also think that your phone has been hacked, then read how to fix the hacked Android phone.

The incidence of hacking and data bridge is increasing day by day. More than 98% of hackers target Android for mobile banking attacks. This is not surprising since most users use Android phones worldwide.

Still, people pay no attention to the updated security features that are regularly introduced on the phone. We often overlook small details and signs that our data or phone is not secure. A hacker takes advantage of the user’s ignorance and enters into the security of the phone.

Don’t ignore any signs or wait for your Android hack to resolve automatically. Install a licensed anti-malware software such as Quick Hill, Norton and MacFi on your Android phone to prevent hackers from hacking your device.

Today I will explain : 

i. How mobile phone hacked

ii. Who hacked mobile phone

iii. Some signs of being hacked

iv. How to fix it?

Who can hack your Android phone?

How Fix Hacked Android Phone

Anyone from your home to office can hack your phone, especially with whom you share and trust your privacy. An office colleague may try to hack your device to access your private chats or pictures. Sometimes, a child may try to access your device to get banking details for online transactions.
Here is a list of people who can try to hack an Android phone :

* Family members such as children, wife, parents etc.
* Friends
* Office colleague
* Hacking Learner
* Professional hacker
* Government agencies

How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone Properly?

When a hacker tries to break mobile security, he usually uploads malware throug link, message etc. or installs a spy app. Hacker copies every keystroke, app activity, location, picture, file, all data from the user’s Android phone using spy app. These spy apps work in the background in such a way that the victim does not know anything about it. But almost always a spy app or malware runs on your device, which increases the workload of the phone and makes the phone work slower.

There are several signs when youris hacked. If you can detect these signs, you can quickly secure your device and prevent from hacking.

Most Common Sign After Mobile Hacked :

  • Unknown calls and messages have been sent from your Android phone.
  • Frequent apps crash..
  • Call forwarding and diversion settings change autometically.
  • Presence of unknown apps.
  • The number of spammy pop-ups increases frequently.
  • Presence of Unwanted app.
  • Overall poor phone performance.
  • Sudden increase in data usage.
  • Even if you do not use the phone, the phone gets hot.
  • The phone is being discharged frequently.


So today I shared some secrets that most people don’t talk about it. and this is also unknown fact of technology. So I hope you surfing internet carefully and with some experience and knowladge. Cuse of internet is so dengerous.

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