How To Purchase Old Laptop:

Today I will talk about How To Purchase Old Laptop? what to look for before buying a second hand laptop.So, buying a second hand laptop is not a bad thing. If a second hand item is available at a good price, and if the item is good then it must be bought. This is your benefit.

How To Purchase Old Laptop?

So what to look for before buying a second hand laptop? So Without weasting any time lets ge started How To Purchase Old Laptop?..

Cheack Boot: 

Before buying a second hand laptop, first of all you have to see if the laptop is booting properly or not. If laptop is not boot then what to do after buying laptop? First of all you have to see if the laptop is booting properly or not.

And if the shopkeeper says that is a small problem. If you repear a little, it will be fine. Then don’t listen to the shopkeeper by mistake. Buy a laptop only when the laptop at lesat boot.

Not having a laptop boot means that the laptop’s motherboard may be damaged. Or any components are bad. So you should check whether it is booting or not.

Check Specification : 

So the second thing to check is specification. Go to My Compueter option and check How many GB of RAM. Heard Diskspecification, have any SSD or not? Having SSD means the price of laptop will increase a bit. You need to see if it is Graphics, Dedicated Graphics or Onboard Graphics.Dedicated graphics means the price of the laptop will be higher.

Check Screen : 

The third thing to check is the screen. So whether there is Scratch on the Sceen, or whether there is a broken Screen. These must be seen in a good way.Because it takes a lot of money to replace the screen of the laptop.

Check Any Physical Damaged : 

The fourth thing to check is whether there is any physical damage. Whether all the keys of laptop keyboard work. Whether the TouchPad is working properly. These need to be checked in a good way.

Check Battery Status: 

The fifth thing to check is Battry. Battry of laptop is not a big problem. Laptop battry is available very cheaply. These batteries usually give 1 to 1.5 hours backup.

Check All Ports : 

guide on how to buy second hand

The sixth thing to check is Ports. Make sure that all the ports of the laptop (such as HDMI, USB) are OK. Otherwise it will cost a lot to change these.

Check Charger : 

laptop buying tricks

The seventh thing to check is the Charger. Another important thing is the charger. Because if the laptop is not charged then how will the laptop work? So be sure to check the laptop’s chrager well.

Check Laptop Product key : 

is refurbished laptops good

The eighth thing to check is the product key of the laptop. With the product key on the back of the laptop, you can check when the laptop was sold. Laptop genuine cpomapny or not. Because anyone in the market can mislead you.

Most Important- PROCESSOR : 

The last thing to check is Processor. Be sure to check if there is a processor in the laptop. And what is the Generation of that processor.

So i3 processor came in the market a long time ago. So the previous i3 and now its i3 are completely different. 1 generation of i3 and 10 generation of i3 are completely different. The higher the generation, the better the CPU.

You can go to this pc option and see that the first number after i3 is generation.

2nd hand laptops

Another important thing is that the CPU of the laptop and the CPU of the desktop are not the same if seen in terms of performance. Laptop CPU consumes a lot less current and performance is also lower, compared to desktop CPU. And this is why the desktop is 500 watts but the laptop is not 500 watts.

Conclusion :

I hope you understand How To Purchase Old Laptop.

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