How To Start Bug Bounty Hunting

How To Start Bug Bounty Hunting? :


Hello guys, this is Dev here and today I’ll talk about bug bounty, what is bug bounty, how you can be a bug hunter, what mistakes you should not to do?, and the last where you can practice you skills?

So let’s hack!

What is Bug Bounty? :

Bug bounty is a program where you can earn money by hacking or exploiting someone’s websites like finding loop holes in their websites then exploiting them then make a report on that and then present the report to the website’s administrators or head of the company then if your bug is valid then you’ll earn money, so this is bug bounty.

Is Bug Bounty legal?:

Is Bug Bounty legal

Of course, Big tech giants like Facebook(meta), Amazon, Microdoft, IBM and many more companies like them offering you to find bugs in their websites because if they don’t do this so they can easily be hacked
and their data will also lost so they need to held bug bounty programs because hackers rule is

No system is safe.

So that’s why it is legal.

Now the question is How you can be a bug hunter or bug bounty hunter .. Right?

First Step Of How To Start In Bug Bounty Hunting? :

So firstly it need patience and dedication most important things, Now things you need to learn is computer basics like how computer works and what are the applications or things which makes a computer to ready for doing work then, you need to learn most important part “networking” like
how network works what protocols it uses for doing various what is HTTP and HTTPs, what is OSI
model , then you need to learn hardware basics (these things I already provided in my blog on How
to start in ethical hacking I provided a course their which is free of cost you can learn),then learn various programming languages. Like

  • Python,
  • SQL
  • java
  • C
  • C++
  • and other various languages.

What mistakes you should not to do ?:

1.Never do two things together like you’re learning networking and that time you’re learning
hardware so this will never works so never do this.

2.Don’t take programming litely because this is the most important thing which I do I take
programming litely then (L lag gye). so don’t do this you can learn programming while you learning
networking but If you’ll not learn programming so you can’t do anything in bug bounty.

Where To Practice Your Bug Bounty Skills ? :

Practice makes perfect! After you learned all the skills you need to practice your skills because you
can’t hack someone’s websites without their permissions because If you’ll do this then you can go
to jail. So now question is  where to practice our skills?
There are several platforms and vulnerable sites where you can hack them and practice hacking
skills site’s name:

  1. TryHackme (best website which I ever seemed)
  2. Hack the box (this is for intermediate level)
  3. Bandit 101 (here you can learn various things)
  4. Acunetix (, in this website you can practice a real senerio of hacking)

    So that’s all for today learn, earn and hack


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So friends, that’s all for today. If you like the post, you must Like and share. We will meet with a new topic, Good bye for then ..

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