How To Start Ethical Hacking : 

Hello, friends today our topic is on how we can start Ethical hacking if you’re not a computer science student. So the first question is it legal to hack someone’s system? Yes, this is legal to hack someone’s computer. But with their knowledge not without their knowledge.


Why Do Start Etchical Hacking ? : 

The second question is why do we start ethical hacking even if you’re not a computer science student? The answer is because this is the most demanding skill in the market and in this you’ll learn many things.

But before I start on how you can start in ethical hacking and what you need to do I want to tell some important points.

How To Start Ethical Hacking? 6 Tips With Free Resources

Important Things For Learn Hacking : 

1. Patience (In this profession you need patience because sometimes your exploits will not work and many things happen but you need patience there.)

2. Dedication (when you’ll learning something you need dedication because you’ll face many things in this profession.)

3. Enjoyment (if you can’t enjoy hacking you can’t be an ethical hacker because when we really want to learn to hack at that time we don’t want money we enjoy that process and if you can’t enjoy it so you can’t be a good ethical hacker.)

How To Start Ethical Hacking what things do we need to learn? : 

Answer is:  First, learn about the basics that how a computer works and how its applications work, Second learn about OS(operating system) learn about Linux, windows, mac os, etc.. try to work on Linux know the Linux basic commands its file system. Learn about computer hardware how to assemble a computer which device do this thing and which
device does this.

What Things Do We Need To Learn For Ethical Hacking? : 

Learn About Basic Programming Language For Ethical Hacking

Learn Basic : 

● How computer Works?

● What is bios(uefi/legacy)?

● What is booting?

● How to install an Operating System?

Learn About Basic Programming Language For Ethical Hacking : (Most Important)

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Python

Now the most important thing to learn about networking that how we communicate with each other with computers or other devices what is IP, what is TCP/IP model, what is OSI model, etc. Now, these things are warm-up now the workout begins!

Learn Nework : 

● What is Switch, Hub, Router, Modern? How does this work?

● What is Topology?

You need to study hacking applications like Nmap, burp suite, Wireshark, etc, and learn about how to make your own tools, learn about new vulnerabilities learn about old vulnerabilities, and then know the careers in cyber security like bug bounty, mobile penetration testing, etc.

How To Get Free Resourcess For Learn Hacking :

How To Get Free Resourcess For Learn Hacking

Now the question is where you can learn all these things for free? So we’ll provide you with top ethical hacker courses, books, and other resources you need to just dm us on Instagram. I think I need to make another part on it if you want it’s next part comment or dm us on our Instagram handle.
Happy hacking.


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