Your Phone Has A Virus

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How Virus Entered Phone:

How do you know that a virus has entered your phone? Phone’s battery runs out quickly? Data runs out quickly? So does mobile have a virus? Today I will talk about these issues. So, Let’s Start. 

So first I will know how the virus comes to mobile?
Mobile viruses are caused by some of our bad habits. We sometimes go to a website where different pop-up messages come. Run a strange script in the background of the browser.

How Virus Entered Phone

Did you know that google chrome also has many BUGs like this? The ones that are searched first are then patched. And this kind of BUG all software is available in this. There is a lot of damage to these BUGs until they are found.

These are usually seen on Adult website, lottery website, Downloading website. You will see that all these websites show more ad than content.

In fact, all these websites are against Google’s policy, so Google does not show ads here. So all these websites show the ad of any cheap company. And they continue to show strange ad.

If you look at the download websites, you will understand that you will see the download option all around. No one knows which of them is real.

And if you click on the original download option, then the strange pop up ad opens. So now think, where to download from there is no hope. And this is the first reason of this is the answer of How Virus Entered Phone? For the virus to come to mobile.

Never Install Mod APK:

The second reason of How Virus Entered Phone? That the virus comes is to install Mod apk.

We sometimes do not install Mod apk, super mod apk. We install some Pubg, Free fire. where the character will run by himself, will do headshot by himself, will go to sleep by himself chicken-dinner.

Never Install Mod APK
Stay away from this type of app. apk should never be installed. This can put your phone at risk.

So the thing is, how do I know if the phone has a virus?:

Did your phone suddenly slow down? You haven’t done any updates, you haven’t done anything but your phone is slow. If this is the case then maybe your mobile has a virus.

Your phone is getting hotter than before. If this is the case then maybe your mobile has a virus.

Your mobile data runs out quickly. If this is the case then maybe your mobile has a virus.

Has any app been installed on your phone by itself? If it is, then 100% of your phone has a virus. You have installed a malware app.

So the app is being installed manually. Malware usually enters the phone. The virus does not usually come to mobile.

If you install an app automatically after updating the phone, then it is not a virus. This is a sponsor app from the company.

This is usually done on Redmi or Samsung mobile. Sharechat, Mx takatak, trill, etc. are the apps.

Even if you do not update, if the app is installed automatically, then your mobile has a virus.

If you have rooted your mobile then your mobile can get virus. Mobile rooting should not be done in 2021. Because after rooting the mobile you lose your rights from all security.

More ads are coming to your phone than ever before. The ad is coming to the home screen, the battery is running out soon, your phone is sending an automatic message, these may be due to malware.

There are also viruses, malware that automatically generate a link and send it to all the numbers in your contact list. Then those who open this link, their device is infected. This rarely happens.

So what to do if a virus comes to the phone?:

First, back up all the important data in your phone to a Pendrive or Memory card. But remember to backup only the important data. Then Factory Reset the phone.

One thing to remember after resetting the phone is not to install any apk from google. Which is to install from google palystore. And do not visit such a useless website. Then there will be no more problems.

The problem will be those who have rooted the phone. To remove the virus from the root device, the phone’s software must be freshly installed. Which is a bit of a problem.

For all these reasons, a Virus Entered Phone. This is the answer of how Virus Entered Phone?


 This is the simpliest answer How Virus Entered Phone? Virus is very dengerous for our privacy. Mobile viruses are caused by some of our bad habits. So please aleart from virus, malware. I will upload a separate post on how you can survive from all these viruses, malware, spyware.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you like it, share the post with fraind, family. This will also protect them from such malware.

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So much for today. See you next with a new topic.

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