I Can See You With Your Front Cam!! :


If I say anyone can see with your front camera without your permission sounds weird right but that’s the truth so we can think what can happen with you if your front camera is hacked. So in this blog I’m talking about how normal hackers can hack your camera without your permissions.

Note: To hack someone’s camera you need an android phone or a computer(with Linux installed).

Now the important thing come’s here first

  • You need to go on site name “ngrok.com”
  • Then create a account there then
  • Download the configuration file

  • Then unzip it 
  • Then go it’s folder and go to that site again and then you’ll see an command like this “./ngrok
    authtoken (your token here)” Now your token will be saved in your computer or android.


Open your terminal (for android users open your termux downloaded from playstore)


Clone this repository to your system
cmd:git clone https://github.com/techchipnet/CamPhish.git


Go to it’s directory(folder)
cmd:cd CamPhish (cd stands for “change directory”)

Now run this tool with command(cmd)
cmd:bash camphish.sh (you can use “./” also on the place of “bash”)

mobile front camera hack


It will ask for port forwarding don’t do anything press enter.


It will ask for template you want to display on victim’s browser when he/she open the link (I
recommend use 3)


Now your work is done you get a link send it to the victim then he/she open it and then they allow for the camera permission because it looks like a online meeting.

And now pictures are coming and automatically downloaded to camphish folder you can go and check them.(In this method when victim open’s the link in his/her browser so browser shows a popup about that this link is suspicious to avoid that I can make another blog so if you want that then you can comment.)

mobile front camera hack github

How To Check Suspicious Link : 

Now if you got the link like this so how you can be safe from it without opening it because if you just opened this link and even you didn’t allow the permission still your “ip” was leaked and you can be traced. So how you can be safe from these type of links I’ll provide you websites which are and give you the information about link that it is suspicious or not.


Site1: https://safeweb.norton.com/
Site2: https://www.urlvoid.com/
Site3: https://urlscan.io/


This blog is about how normal hackers can hack your camera but if you want to know how professional hackers can hack your whole android without your information so you can comment I’ll show that if you want in my next blog so please comment. If you don’t understand something in this post (I Can See You With Your Front Cam) let me know in comment or message.

Also, if you Want any information, related to technology, you can also let me know by commenting.
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So friends, that’s all for today. If you like the post, you must Like and share. We will meet with a new topic, Good bye for then ..

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