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Hello Friends,
Today we are going to start the Dark web series. In this series, we will talk about the Dark Web.

Welcome to this new series of Dark Web.

You may have read about the Dark Web in different places. I promise you will get some new information from what you have been hearing about Dark Web from here.

And you may have heard it, many say there are ghosts on the Dark Web. So I have already said that there is no ghost on the Dark Web.

Read the post carefully. I promise you will get some new information from what you have been hearing about Dark Web from here. And all that I will post in this series are real facts.

Inside Dark Web - Discussion

So let’s get started.

Today I will talk about what is Dark Web? What kind of people live here? You may have been hearing for so long that there are bad guys on the Dark web. Bad things happen. I believe that bad people are bad. But today I will talk about what is bad, what kind of people live here?

I may not be able to take you there or show you all these illegal things. But I can tell you what’s going on there.

So if you are interested in watching in private, let me know in the comments. And share the post. Then I will try to show you the Dark Web.

For those who don’t know what the Dark Web is, let me tell you that the Dark Web is a hidden part of the internet. The part of the Daily Internet that we surf is a small part of the whole internet. Only 5%.

There are also parts that are hidden. Where there are only bad deeds, old mysteries, such things.

To visit the Dark Web, a link is required, a Special Browser is required. Ordinary people can never get there without knowing. Ordinary people just go around on Facebook, Google, Instagram. Very few people can get there.

In this series, we will talk about the 95% part of the Internet that is hidden.

Deep Web accounts for 95% of the Internet. And a small part of this Deep Web is the Dark Web. And all these bad things happen on the Dark Web. Deep Web is a part that is not indexed.

To help you understand, I will discuss the Dark Web in small categories.

Social Media On Dark Web: –

Social media on dark webb

The Dark Web also has social networking websites. Some of which is Dead and some Active. All the websites that are running are discussing politics. Most people from China come to this web. You’ve heard the name The Great Firewall. There are so many restrictions on Internet use in China that there is Google Ban. You can’t visit the website as you like.

So the people of China use social media on this dark web to discuss their own words or anything against the government. Even people come from Russia. There is no other place like India where Freedom Of Speech. That is why our India is great.

So you may be wondering why you should take the help of the Dark web to discuss all these common things. No, there is no normal discussion here. Here are some discussions that Society does not accept. If there is anything bad thinking that comes to the mind of a person that is illegal to discuss with everyone, all these things are discussed there. You probably understand what I mean. Most psycho people live here.

Dark Web Research :

Another popular thing on the Dark Web is Article, which means Research Paper. Here are some research papers that are also on our thoughts.

Did you ever know that there is a machine to change the weather? But its Research Paper is available there.

Here are some research papers that say that there is an Illuminati under the ground. Those are slowly increasing their base. These Illuminati will survive when the earth is destroyed. This kind of discussion in this place.

Dark Web Research: –

The second category is Developers. They provide Services.
No one there uses normal e-mail. Everyone there uses PGP Services. Email Services are available separately. If you want to host a website, the service is also available separately.

There is also a need for Temporary Email. Because there are a lot of hackers, scammers. Those who have knowledge of technology go there. So there are good hackers and there are also bad hackers.

And you will see most of the bad hackers on the Dark Web means Black Hat Hacker. There is nothing more than a White Hat Hacker on this web.

So if you use your real identity from among Black Hat Hackers, that means putting a piece of meat in front of a tiger.

People who visit this web never use their own email, even their own name, same password twice. There is so much risk.

This is a team of developers, they do no harm. They only provide Email, Hosting, tutorials, and all these services.

Financial Services On Dark Web: –

Financial Services on dark web

All the people who come here come for money income. Here are the people who have knowledge of hacking.

The highest income here is gambling. And to gamble, you have to invest in Bitcoin. Here people are shown greedy to invest. Then they invest. Sometimes money is income. Again some time fled with the money. Anything can happen here.

And never transaction on the Dark Web or Deep Web. It can be very scary. Besides, the thieves have credit cards, bank details, and all kinds of financial crimes. Hacker sells all these details. This kind of bad thing happens.


I’m talking about the Dark Web, but that doesn’t mean you have to visit the Dark Web. I’m just telling you knowledge purpose only. If you want to visit the Dark Web, let me know in the comments. I will try to show you the Dark Web. My sincere request is that you do not visit the Dark Web. The dark web is so dangerous. I will tell you all slowly. Why did I leave the Dark Web? I will tell you what is happening here.

So, friends, that’s all for today. If you like the post, you must Like and share. In the next topic, I will talk about the seller of the Dark web.

So we will meet with a new topic, Goodbye for then…

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