what is log4j?

Internet On High Risk :

Internet on high risk. Everyone who uses the internet is at high risk. What is log4j? A huge vulnerability has been found on the Internet. Microsoft, minecrafat, icloud, Twitter and many other small, big all kinds of Company effected. Today I will discuss this matter in Details.

So, without wasting anytime, Let’s get started.

So I tell you that no system is 100% secure. Whenever a new software comes to the new market, it has some vulnerabilities. So the vulnerabilities are slowly being explored and patched slowly. This way any system is secure. No system is fully secure in one day.

What is Log4j?

Internet on high risk

Log4j is a login package created by the Apache Foundation. So some vulnerability has been found in Log4j. Some vulnerabilities that can put the user data, server, everything at risk.

You must know that there are bugs in some software which are fixed by update. But the biggest problem is that all the versions of log4j are effected. This vulnerability has also been found in Minecraft game. So all the companies using this login package are vulnerable.

How Can Ordinary People Survive From log4j?


It is sad to say that ordinary people have nothing to do here. We have nothing to do here because this vulnerability is not in our device. In this vulnerability company’s server. You do not have control over the servers of the companies you are using. We only use services. It is the responsibility of the company to secure our system. And that’s the reasons you can’t do anything.

So even if there is fear here, there is no need for you to be afraid. Because big companies are trying to fix this vulnerability. And it will be fixed as soon as possible.

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