Never Do These 4 Things :

In this post we will learn about some of the things that most people do. But never do these 4 things. And it is Technology related.

So Without weasting any time let’s get started.


Don’t Use Mobile In Dark Room :

So the first thing that should not be done is to use the mobile at night to darken the room or to use the mobile in more brightness. Also use Mobile continuously for a long time.

Did you know that Blue light is emitted from Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Laptop? And this blue light makes your eyes hurt. The most harmful for this Blue light sereen. This blue light is most responsible for the aging problem.


Solution :

Now there is Blue light protection tempered glass in the market which you can use for the phone. Blue light filtered sheets are available for tablet, laptop, desktop. You can also run in mobile dark mood. This reduces the amount of blue light.

Mobile phones should not be used in the dark. There will be many problems if you do this. For example: Sugar level may increase, eyes may become bad. There will be many more problems.

Never Visit Adult Website :


The second thing to do is not to visit any adult website. Adult website should not be visited from the phone which has Net banking, Paytm, UPI. Because most of these websites are unsafe.

We don’t know what script is running in the background of all these websites, what data is being used by the user. There may be some vulnarability in Google chrome that we don’t know about. And maybe someone using vulnerability hacked your bank accout, mobile. and theft your data.

So you have to stay away from all this.

Never Share :

The third thing that should not be done is that OTP should not be shared. If you share Otp with someone, it means you are giving them access to your account. So someone can misuse your account. So this is why OTP should never be shared.

never share

Email Messages Are Unencrypted :

Email Messages Are Unencrypted

Perhaps the top security risk many companies routinely ignore is the failure to encrypt their emails. Some companies forgo email encryption because it can be costly and complicated, while others simply dismiss the threat as insignificant. This is a mistake. You should assume that every email message you send could be intercepted by unscrupulous people and bad actors. Without encryption, all your email messages are vulnerable.


Set up an email encryption system to protect all your email messages and attachments. One relatively easy approach is to use a free Google Gmail or Microsoft account, as these accounts automatically encrypt your email messages — but only when sent to other Gmail or users. Another approach is to purchase and install an email encryption system such as Trend Micro Hosted Email Security (starting at $27 per user per year) or Enlocked (prices range from free for 10 messages sent each month, to $29.99 per month for 10,000 messages).


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