New Year Fraud :

Nowadays we have become very dependent on mobile. We can’t spend a moment without mobile. Then, most of the work online for this Corona. For example, most of the people who do any job are doing tie work from home. Those who have students are also taking online classes.


So this Corona virus has shown us how useful technology is for us. Imagine for a second if If there was no mobile or like this technology How spend these lockdown? So this technology is a blessing from God in our life, mainly in this pandemic situation.

So for everything to become work from home and for some restrictions of the government, we could not go out and meet friends or relatives even if we wanted to. There have not been many social events for many days. And this time our mobile has been our friend. We have done everything online, from wishing birthdays to our friends, relatives, New years, Rakhi Bandhan, Holi etc.

And some hackers, scammers have taken advantage of this opportunity. So you may be wondering how this is possible? Hackers, Scammers have taken advantage of any opportunity?

So today we will discuss these issues in detail how hackers, scammers took advantage of the lockdown? How can there be fraud with us? How can we beware of all this?

So, Let’s Get Started..

What Is The Opportunity For Hackers? :

All over the world, many people lose their jobs due to lockdown. There are many things that are not possible online or work from home. So that kind of person becomes unemployed.We all know that in the present age we can do nothing but money.

So these people who use Android phone also do a search on Google, YouTube everywhere “How to earn money from home”. And hackers take this opportunity.


Fraud In Lockdown :

Some scammers create a fake website and there they talk about giving people work from home. And in that greed, when a user created an account with email and password, he would send the opposite message, link in his email. Virus, malware, trojan, spyware would be downloaded to his phone when the user touches that link.

So there have been thousands of such scams with ordinary people. It was a short history.

Although the situation is more normal than before, it is not complete. So the scammers have not left the common man people.

According to some cyber experts, these scammers have targeted some big countries like India, America etc. So they have already told the common people to be a little careful. So let’s see what we need to be aware of.

How To Beware Of Hackers?

According to cyber experts, scammers want to endanger us through social media. But it will not be possible because I will show you all the examples of how it can be. So now I discuss how to beware of hackers?

How To Beware Of Hackers?

Hacker Gift On Mobile :


New Year Fraud is a big target of hackers, scammers etc. We all know that Christmas is not too late. As in previous years, many people will not go out and enjoy new year because of the effects of Corona virus. So many of them will wish their friends, girlfriends, relatives, or those who are outside the family, usually with the help of WhatsApp or any other messaging platform. And hackers and scammers want to take this opportunity. So in this time be careful from New Year Fraud.  We all have to survive New Year Fraud.

So many call and wish us. Again, many text. Many people send a link where when you click and enter your name, your name shows up. And with that comes some animation play. You can understand by looking at the photo below.


You may have seen these before. These are usually made by small or medium developers.But what if these are made by a Hacker or Scammers?

You may not know that when you visit some wrong website, your browser’s background runs some unwanted JavaScript which can be dangerous for our privacy. And such Wish links are also created with the help of JavaScript. Now think if the hacker has his own code in this link, then your data will fall into the risk.

Now you might be thinking, why would your friend send you a link of hacker? But that’s not what you think. Your friend may have received the link from someone else. In this way, it is not possible for anyone to know where the link came from.

Yes, you can use this link if you have coded it yourself or your friend. But if the link comes from an unknown source, then do not click on the link by mistake.This is your danger. See the image. Then you will understand what these links usually look like.


I hope you understand how fraud can happen with us on or before New year. Please do not click on any link thinking it is a gift from Friend, Family or Girlfriend. So, Please share this post with your family, friend, teacher, and all. I warned you from New Year Fraud. Now your job is to warn everyone else about New Year Fraud. New Year Fraud is going to be a huge fraud. Everyone has to survive.

So now I tell you New Year Fraud. Also said How To Beware Of HackersThe things I said today, you may have never heard of before. I update this kind of interesting post on this website and my instagram. You Can Follow Me On Instagram. 

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Please let me know what you think about New Year Fraud ?

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