Open-source Intelligence:

Hi friends, today I’m going to talk about what is OSINT? Are you know what is Open-source Intelligence ? Today you will know all these things. And Very Interesting matter is today we will give you a hacking course in free.

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 OSINT is a technique of gathering information about your target doesn’t
matter it is a company or a single person. In real-world how you can gather information about someone
by talking to his/her friends and his neighbors or by checking his/her social media.+

Open-source Intelligence

What Is Active OSINT:

This is where we collect information about the target by open-source like his/her friend neighbor or by getting his/her usernames and passwords for checking personal info.

Passive OSINT:

This is a technique where you collect information about the target by various tools, by checking for open ports and vulnerabilities, by checking his/her social media and gathering some meaningful information his/her likes and dislikes, pet name, parent’s name or information which helps in cracking his/her usernames and passwords.

hacking course give awaya

So now I’ll talk about some tools which help you in making better your OSINT techniques and at the
end, I’ll give you a “Android hacking course” for free.

1. Maltego (to gather all information from open-source automatically)

2. Inspy (to gather all information about his/her Instagram profile, stories, etc.)

3. Harvester (to gather information about a network or a host)

4. Metagofll

5. Nmap (to check for open ports, vulnerabilities, etc.)

6. Phoneinfoga (to gather information about phone numbers like his/her ISP, region, country, etc)

7. OSINT framework (to do all things of OSINT except some things like Nmap programs )


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