rituraj freeze google for 50 second

Rituraj Freeze Google For 50 Second !! :

Today I will talk about a News which is trending on the Internet nowadays. News reported that a 19-year-old boy whose home is in Bihar. The boy is doing IIT from Monipur. So this guy froze Google for 50 seconds at 1am. Google was hacked. And for this the whole of Google was shocked.

rituraj freeze google for 50 second

And report this bug to Google. And Google acknowledges this bug. At the same time, a passport was made for the boy that night and the boy was taken to America at night on Google’s Privet Jet.

And the boy has been given a Pakege of Google 3.5 core. The boy’s name has been added to the list of researchers. And he has been added to Google’s team.

This news is trending around. So today we will discuss how true and how false this news is.

So without weasting anytime let’s get started..

It is true that Google has reported this bug. You may know that there are big companies like Google, Facebook, all those companies are organizing Contest for bug bounty.

So those who find bugs report to Google. And if this bug is really a bug then Google rewards him. Or sometimes offer him a job.

So the 19-year-old boy was exploiting something like this. Those who are interested in all this are looking for this kind of bug. And finding bugs is not possible for any ordinary person.

So the 19-year-old boy was exploiting something like this. An exploit works at 1 o’clock at night while doing exploit. The boy then asks his Sir.

And his sir said it was a valid bug. So the boy immediately reported to google. And then google says it’s a valid bug. Google then adds the boy to the team of researchers. That’s true.

However, the 3.6 core job that has been mentioned, there are some websites that are not trusted. There is no mention of 3.6 core job in any other big website. And the boy did not talk about the job of 3.6 core in the interview.

Google has acknowledged that this is a bug. But it is a step-by-step process. Who is still google checking how it happened. When finalized then the boy will be awarded.

So the boy’s name is Rituraj Chaudhary. Rituraj Chaudhary is a resident of Bihar.

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