Ever since I started my journey with machine learning, I always wanted to automate things around me. This is not my first try to automate things. I have tried to automate sending birthday wishes to my friends on their birthdays (under development) since I am not that good at remembering numbers.

Let’s Start

First, you need to download the pyautogui library. This is the library that is going to help us automate the tasks in your browser.

pip install pyautogui

Write The Main Code

#import all modules that needed
import pyautogui as pg
import time

#How many message you want to send:
print("How many message you want to send: ")

#what should be the message?
print("Write down your message: ")

#sleep time in second
for i in range(number_of_message):


Send Bulk Auto WhatsApp Messages Using Python is a basic python tool. You can make it easier. If you are facing any issues directly message me on Instagram (@cyber.arpan) or telegram (cyberarpan).

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