Sherlock The Finder

Sherlock The Finder: 

Do you know what is Sherlock The Finder? If I say that you can find anyone’s social media info just by typing his/her name, sounds weird, like anyone can see your social media info just by typing your name, but that’s the truth. 

Sherlock The Finder

It is a very useful post for all. So, Without weasting anytime let’s get startd.

Note: This is tool only can run in Linux OS but you can run it in windows OS just by installing VMware or virtualbox into your system.

Step 1:

Open your terminal first

Step 2:

Clone the repository into your system by typing this command(cmd)
cmd:git clone

How to track anyone on social media

Step 3:

Change the working directory(folder) by “cd” command.
cmd:cd sherlock

Step 4:

Now you need to install it’s requirements by using pip(pip is already installed in Linux systems
if in your pip is installed you can install it by typing “sudo apt install pip” or you can install pip3)
cmd:python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

After the requirements are installed Now your work is done. Now you’re the king or queen it depends on you.

Final Step : 

Now to find his/her social media info you need enter this command.

cmd:python3 sherlock <victim’s name>(if this not work you can use it without python3 like “sherlock
<victim’s name>


python3 sherlock John


I hope you understand Sherlock The Finder? How to track anyone on social media? 

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