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Extend Battery Life
Simple Technology

Extend Battery Life. Top 3 Tips !!

The First point is- Many of you may use laptop and everyone uses phone. And there are many who use the battery until it is …

Simple Technology

5 Website You Should Know!!

5 Website You Should Know!! : Today I will talk about some of the websites that will completely change your web experience. Some fun websites …

Simple Technology

Recharge Plan Increase!! [2 Best Solution]

Recharge Plan Increase: Have you heard the news Recharge Plan Increase. So friends, today I will talk about how to increase Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, Jio …

Facebook Destroying Student's Life. Slow Poison!!
Simple Technology

Facebook Destroying Student’s Life. Slow Poison!! 2 Reasion

Facebook Destroying Student’s Life: Can we be successful in life if we stop using Facebook? Is Facebook preventing us from moving forward in life? Who …

joker-malware -found-in-playstore-alert
Cyber Security

Joker Malware Found In Playstore. 2 Alert!!

Joker Malware Found In Playstore: Are you know 7Joker Malware Found In Playstore. And We know that google is very serious of there security. And …

Cyber Security

Friends In Need Scam!! Alert

Friends In Need Scam! – Biggest Scam: Did you know that a WhatsApp Scam has started anew. It’s name Friends in need scam. This scam …

4 Unknown Fact About Technology. Must Read!!
Simple Technology

4 Unknown Fact About Technology. Must Read!!

4 Unknown Fact About Technology:  In the previous post of Dark web we explain Unexplained Part Of Dark Web? In this post we are talking …

Why Ai Dangerous For Humans
Cyber Security

Why Ai Dangerous For Humans? Ai Killed Human

Why Ai Dangerous For Humans – Ai Kill Human :  Imagine a baby that was born 20 minutes ago. And then PUBG game was shown …

Your Phone Has A Virus

How Virus Entered Phone. Your Phone Has A Virus!! 5 Tips

This Post for susmita’s request. Thank You Susmita for visit my website. How Virus Entered Phone: How do you know that a virus has entered …

bgmi scam
Simple Technology

BGMI SCAM! 2 Top Secret

BGMI SCAM! : Hello Friends, how are you? Hope everybody is well. Today’s post is for gamers. Those who love to play the game must …

Ayushman Card Advance Technology. 3 Security Concern
Simple Technology

Ayushman Card Advance Technology. 3 Security Concern

Ayushman Card Advance Technology: Today I will talk about an interesting topic. It’s topic is Ayushman card? You may be thinking what is the relationship …

Simple Technology

How Fix Hacked Android Phone. 3 Type Advanced Solution

How Fix Hacked Android Phone: Android phones are often considered secure because they have a lot of security features. So is it possible to hack …

Biggest Outage Of Facebook
Cyber Security

Biggest Outage Of Facebook! Facebook Exposed! 5 Truth

Biggest Outage Of Facebook- Facebook Expose! :  Tomorrow means 4th September. You noticed the biggest outage of Facebook. What was the reason for this? Today …

Simple Technology

2 USEFUL HACKS TIPS TRICKS: That Will Blow Your Mind! 😮😮

2 USEFUL HACKS TIPS & TRICKS: Android Tricks : Android Apps Today we will talk about some of the apps that will make using your …

Where does Gb go
Simple Technology

Where does Gb go?-Make Your Own DATA !!!

Today I will talk about a very interesting topic. Where does Gb go? Where does the data balance go when we use the internet? Can …

Simple Technology

High speed internet: Airborne beams of light – 100 Mb/S speed

High speed internet: 100 Mb/S Speed An innovative way to provide high speed internet through light rays through the air has successfully transmitted information across …

3 useful hacks tips tricks
Simple Technology

Top 4 Truth Of the Internet. Dark Truth Of Internet.

Top 4 truth of the internet: Today I will tell you top truth of the internet that 99.99% of people do not know. I mean, …

Dark Secret Of Technology That No One Knows
Cyber Security

Dark Secret Of Technology That No One Knows. 3 Secrets Of the Internet.

Dark Secret Of Technology That No One Knows: Today we are going to talk about some of the top secrets of technology that no one …

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