Snapdeal Fraud :

Today I will talk about a fraud which is becoming very famous in India. I named it snapdeal fraud. Many ordinary people are also falling into this trap. This is Fraud in the name of giving you Work From Home job. And we all know that most of the job work from home since corona came. And for this reason, ordinary people are easily falling into their trap which name is snapdeal fraud.

So, without weasting anytime, Let’s get started.

At present we almost all do online shopping. And more than that, We all love to shop with discount. Again, many School / Collage students earn some from this Online Shopping. And some scammers are taking advantage of this opportunity.

A few days ago a scammers tried to scam me. Being in Cyber Security field, I can easily identify this scam. And today I will save all of you from this scam.

Recently I received a message from an Unknown Number on WhatsApp. The message says “Good day!Hello, welcome to the Snapdeal platform, I am the customer assistant of Snapdeal, and my name is Monica. Do you want to join our work? Easily earn 500-50,000rs every day! Please provide: name, age.and current job? ”

Upon receiving the message, I thought that Snapdeal is a good company. Employee can never be less in this type of company. And Snapdeal will never message just thuis type of job. And the biggest thing is that there is no snapdeal account activated in the number that message comes to me. My suspicions for this are even stronger.

Not Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Mintra as many online shopping websites, they will never message you to work.

So as soon as I receive this message, I call the customer care of Snapdeal company. And I explained the matter to them. The company informed that they have not started any such Skim. And they never call the customer to give the job.

So then I realize that this is Fraud. And with the permission of the company, I have uploaded this post. So below I am attaching the Coversation of me and Fraud company. You see it and be careful. I want everyone in our country to survive Fraud.

Snapdeal Fraud

How To Save From Fraud

How To Identify Fraud

How To Identify Fraud :

If you want to know about job they will want to avoid you.

They Will send you an unknown link and ask you to enter Personal Details. And do not open this link by mistake.

Want to know your personal details such as name, age, proffession. As I wanted to know. I have provided my details incorrectly. You do not take this kind of risk.

How To Save From Fraud:

If someone asks you to give work from home, you must check everything.

If whatsapp or text message for job in big or small company, then ignore them.

If you want to give a job in the name of a company, then verify the truth by calling the customer care of that company directly.


I hope you understand how fraud can happen with us on or before 25th December. Please do not click on any link thinking it is a gift from Santa Claus. So, Please share this post with your family, friend, teacher, and all. I warned you from 25 December Fraud. Now your job is to warn everyone else about 25 December fraud. 25 December Fraud is going to be a huge fraud. Everyone has to survive.

So now I tell you 25 December Fraud. Also said How To Beware Of HackersThe things I said today, you may have never heard of before. I update this kind of interesting post on this website and my instagram. You Can Follow Me On Instagram. 

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Please let me know what you think about 25 December Fraud ?

So friends, that’s all for today. If you like the post, you must Like and share. We will meet with a new topic, Good bye for then ..

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