The Future Of Data Storage

Are you think what is The Future Of Data Storage? As technology improves, we are all generating a lot of data. There will come a time when all the hard disks of the world, all the servers will be full.

Then the raw material for making the storage device will be finished. So to avoid this problem, need to make some storage device that is now much more advanced than its storage device. And that can store a lot of data. Then what will be The Future Of Data Storage

For example World’s first hard disk stored under 5 MB of data. The world’s first hard disk, launched by IBM in 1956, weighed about 900 kg and had a storage capacity of under 5 MB.

And now 5 MB data storage is a trivial matter. This means that the technology we use is advanced from before storage technology.

And as technology has advanced, more data has been generated. And the fact is that we have generated 90% of the data of the whole internet in the previous year. So we need new technology to store a huge amount of data.

So today I will talk about The Future Of Data Storage. The new data storage technology will completely change the storage technology.

GGGQEP Storage Device: The Future Of Data Storage

Full form of GGGQEP Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Quantum Electronic Processor. GGGQEP is in two parts – the GGG and the QEP – and it can be framed, in the most simplified way, as follows: Gadolinium Gallium Garnet – or GGG in short – has a number of exotic properties that make it the perfect candidate for the next level of massive data storage.

What Is GGGQEP Storage Device :

GGGQEP is an artificial crystal that looks a bit like a diamond. Some scientists think that this type of storage device is used now. However, no evidence was found.

A 5 cm GGGQEP storage device can store the entire internet 11 times. And the size of the whole internet is 1 million exabytes.

1 exabytes = 1,000 Petabytes or 1 exabytes= one billion gigabytes (GB)

So think about how much data a 5 cm GGGQEP Storage Device can store. GGGQEP is The Futures Of Data Storage.

Drawback :

Data can be written to GGGQEP Storage Device only once. Once written, it cannot be erased. But reading unlimited times can be done.

If the GGGQEP Storage Device is true, and once this device merges with the Quantum computer, then a computer will be created that no one can even think of.

DNA Storage: The Future Of Data Storage

3 The Future Of Data Storage

We all know that our body contains DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). And this DNA contains all the data stored in our body. You may notice that a child usually looks like his or her parents. This means that some data is being transferred from the body of the father and mother.

DNA decides what will be the structure of our body, and what will be the color of our skin. So DNA stores information about our parents. This means that DNA has the ability to store data. But Data cannot be stored in binary form. DNA stores data in biological form.

Scientists have succeeded in storing data from binary form to biological form in DNA.

DNA Storage Capacity :

DNA Storage Capacity

Capable of storing 215 petabytes (215 million gigabytes) in a single gram of DNA, the system could, in principle, store every bit of datum ever recorded by humans in a container about the size and weight of a couple of pickup trucks. But whether the technology takes off may depend on its cost.


The read and write speed of DNA storage is slow. Because it is converted from binary form to biological form. Then the data is stored in DNA. And for this DNA storage is no longer used for slow read and write speed.

Glass Storage Device: The Future Of Data Storage

DNA Storage: The Future Of Data Storage

Hitachi company made a cheap in 2012 which is transparent. This cheap has 5 Mb data capability. Data can be read and written using a microscope on a Glass Storage Device. The amazing thing is that even after writing the data, this glass remains transparent.

So in the future, it may be that all the glass in your home will have the capability to store data.

This data storage can be a big problem. Iceland is building big buildings to store data in the country. Because there is no place to build a data center.

What Is GGGQEP Storage Device

Microsoft Company has built a data center under the sea. Because there is no place to make a data center. So there will be so many data store words. For this, Microsoft Company is building big data centers under the sea.

glass is the future of data storage technology


I think you understand what is The Future Of Data Storage. After a few days, the storage problem will become a huge problem. If you know some type of storage device let me comment. We will give a shout-out in the next post. and promoting your social account or website is free.

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