The Kashmir Files Movie Scam

The Kashmir Files Movie Scam alert:

Are you also looking for free download link of Kashmir Files Full Movie? And if that’s the case, be careful now. Because there are many problems with the link of this movie.

First of all, if you piracy a movie, then it is illegal. You may be in jail for this. And it’s illegal all over the world.

The Kashmir Files Movie Scam alert

And the scariest thing is that this movie link is being used by Black hat hackers, chinise hackers. Which can be dangerous for the common man. And it’s not just me. Noyda police, security intelligence, Meletery everyone is saying this. If you want you can search on google.

So there are big chinise hacking groups, they are using this link to download malware on people’s phone. Stealing personal data.

The demand for The Kashmir Files Movie has increased a lot. But this movie is not easily available. Most of the ones that are available are malware. So beware of it.

How can you risk downloading The Kashmir Files?  :

1. Scareware :

So what is scareware? When you go to a website to download a movie, a pop-up appears and says that your phone is virus infected.

Ask to download an apk to clear the virus. And if someone downloads this apk then his mobile is hacked immediately. And all his data goes to China. Your bank account may be empty.


2.Prize Wheel:

What is this prize wheel? You may have noticed that there is a spinner who talks about giving expensive gifts after spinning. And after you spin, you win the lucky draw, without doing anything.

Bank details are then requested to withdraw this money. Now you may be wondering how anyone can withdraw money by giving bank details. But not like that. Someone will sell your bank details in the black market. And will earn a lot of money from there. And you can’t do anything. This type of fake page is made by hackers to steal people’s information. Always remember that nothing in the world is available for free.

I would say if you want to see this movie then go to the cinema hall and watch it. Also if you want to watch from a tursted source or from OTT platform then you can watch from there with money.

It may cost you some money but your data will be safe and secure. And if you can’t see with money then there is no need to see. Because if you don’t see a cinema, there will be no harm.

How To Watch The K@shmir Files Movie In Free:

And if you want to watch the movie, you can watch it on telegram. Here the movie is directly uploaded. I will give the link of a page below. You can see there if you want.

Click To Get This Movie In Free

NB: Must install telegram and complete the full setup. Then download this movie. Because these movie is only available on telegram. If  you can’t download this movie, directly contact my instagram.


I think you understand how work The Kashmir Files Movie Scam alert. So Be alert form The Kashmir Files Movie Scam alert . comment or dm us on our Instagram handle if you have need any cyber security course. And also follow us on instagram for more information.

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