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Top 4 Truth Of the Internet. Dark Truth Of Internet.

Top 4 Truth Of the Internet. Dark Truth Of Internet.

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Top 4 truth of the internet:

Today I will tell you top truth of the internet that 99.99% of people do not know. I mean, there are some things that we don\’t remember, but it\’s very important to remember. So let\’s start Top 4 Truth Of the Internet. Dark Truth Of Internet.


Truth 1 : Serping Internet In Incognito Mode

Serping the internet in Incognito mood does not mean that no one will see you or that you are completely secure.
incognito mode doesn\’t just save passwords. does not save history. No cookies save the file. In addition, your operator can track everything data, browsing history. Even with the https: // connection.


Truth 2 : Don\’t Give Mobile. Dark Truth Of Internet

The second thing that should not be done is, if a stranger girl or boy on the street wants your phone or says he wants to talk to someone, he should not be called. Because there are so many scams going on nowadays. Strangers can call any reversal from your phone. Or call and threaten someone. And if that happens, you could be in big trouble.

Truth 3: Never Visit. Internet Real Truth


There is no longer a time when you just need Facebook to talk to a girl or a boy. Now there are some applications that are just for talking to girls. When you login to this application, you will see many girls waiting here to talk.
This time you think a little that these girls have no work so they are spending time in that application? When we message a girl on a social media platform, they don\’t want to talk. But why is there so many girls available all the time in this kind of application?

I have already visited this application many times and talked to many girls. In fact, those girls work for that application. That means the employee of that application. This is the black truth of such apps.

You may have seen some ads where work from home is talked about and it is said that if you are a girl, they should contact this number. In fact, these ads are given for a kind of recruitment. The girls were then paid to talk to the boys on video calls. You would think that these girls come here to spend time. But no. They are actually employees of this application. They are forced to do this only for some income. You have to pay money to talk to the girls here with which the salary of those girls is paid. Its internet real truth.

Truth 4 : Internet Pollutes The Environment.



Jon Koomey, an expert within the environmental effects of data technology, says that the key elements we should always measure are what he calls “the big three”:

You may think that using the internet does not harm the environment. But that is not the case. Google said in a report that if a user uses the internet all day, he releases 8 grams of CO2 in the environment. Although it is a very low level but the amount is a lot as a total population.


These point are Top 4 truth of the internet. So surfing internet carefully and with some experience or knowladge. Cuse of internet is so dengerous.

You Can Not Hide In The Internet

Always Mind it then surfing the internet.

Surfing Internet Safely: 

Read This Article For Safe Internet Serfing : Biggest Outage Of Facebook! Facebook Exposed! 5 Truth

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