Web 3.0 Concept

Web 3.0 Concept :

Web 3.0 is a term coined by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web.

Web 3.0 concept is the next iteration or phase of the evolution of the Internet. Web 3.0 is built upon the core concepts of decentralization and open source, which are in turn based on some fundamental principles that have been around for millennia: peer-to-peer networking, open source collaboration, and a lack of centralized control by any single entity. This is the web 3.0 concept.

Web 3.0 Concept

Web 3.0 does not refer to a specific technology or product but rather to a set of principles for how data should be organized and accessed online. These principles are encoded into technologies like blockchain and peer-to-peer networks that are now making their way into mainstream use cases such as social media platforms and cloud storage services.

The best thing of web 3.0 is hack any account or server is impoosible. Cause of web 3.0 work on block chain technology. This technology is 99.99% hack-free.

Difference Between Web 2.0 And Web 3.0 :

Difference Between Web 2.0 And Web 3.0

  • First difference between Web 2.0 And Web 3.0 is, Web 2.0 is the “writable” phase of the web. Web 3.0 is the “executable” phase of the web. Computers can interpret information on this level and create new content, which is a major difference from Web 2.0.
  • Web 3.0 has been given a more concrete definition by Tim Berners-Lee, who coined the term in 2009 to describe an internet that is not just readable but also writeable—an internet of links that people can not only follow but also act upon, an internet that lets people work together without having to ask for permission from a central server, and an internet whose data isn’t locked up in formats that are inaccessible to humans or machines (a problem with today’s web).
  • Web 2.0 applications are user-generated content, social media, and interactive websites (Wikipedia). Web 3.0 smart applications are the semantic web that is a network of data with machine-readable data and logic (The Semantic Web).
  • The semantic web is a network of data with machine-readable data and logic. This means that it can be processed by machines to make them more useful for people and other machines, without human intervention.
  • The big difference between web 2.0 and web 3.0 is that in web 2.0 account are hack easily but in web 3.0 user accounts can hack mostly impossible.

Web 3.0 Tools Example :

Web 3.0 Tools Example

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that answers factual queries. It is an example of a web 3.0 application. Siri, on the other hand, uses speech recognition techniques and artificial intelligence to answer questions or execute commands given to it by its user.

  • Semantic Web.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • 3D Graphics.
  • Ubiquitous.
  • Semantic Web technologies (RDF, OWL, SWRL, SPARQL, Semantic application platforms, and statement-based data stores such as triple stores, tuple stores and associative databases).

Example Of Web 3.0 Appliction :

Example Of Web 3.0 Appliction

We all know about Apple Siri. Apple Siri works on Web 3.0 Concept.


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