Where does Gb go

Today I will talk about a very interesting topic.
Where does Gb go? Where does the data balance go when we use the internet? Can we create data balance ourselves? Today I will explore this matter. So let’s get started.

The fact that the data balance we use is exhausted does not mean that the data balance is exhausted. MB or GB is just a unit of data balanced measurement. We can’t say anymore that I used 2 kg internet today. Kg is not a unit of measurement of the internet.

Where does GB go? :

Where does the data balance go?

Data balance does not go anywhere. You have just crossed the data usage limit. Data balance does not go anywhere. You can use as much data as you like. Operators charge only for the cost of using data.

For example, suppose you use a jio sim. So call from there or use the internet. So it needs a tower. And having a tower means he has to do maintenance. I need money for this. And this is where it comes from. When we recharge a plan from there. And all the company runs from that money. New towers were erected. So I hope you understand this time. 2 Gb is a measure of how much jio data you used.

Can we create our own Data? :

Yes. Of course, you can. What is the GB or Mb we use. That is network usage. jio or any operator allows us to use it by connecting the internet through its tower.

So the question is how can we create our own data balance?

The internet is all over the world through computers. So will we create a network so that our neighbors can connect. Then it will become a small network for us.
For example, let’s say we have 100 computers in our neighborhood. So I connected all the computers to each other through the cable. Then we can exchange data among ourselves. In this, we can give or take as much data as we want.
So let’s say I have a friend named Labanya a little away from my house. Now if I ask him to send me a video that is 1GB in size. So Labanya will send me 1GB video. This means I downloaded 1GB of data. And Labanya uploaded. So here I used 1 Gb data. But I don’t have to pay anyone to use this data because it’s my own network, not an operator’s.

So if it continues like this, then somewhere the wire may be cut or the port may be damaged. So where do I get the money now? So what should I do now that there are 100 houses and I will take 5 rupees from everyone. And with that money, I will do the maintenance. And that’s what Jio is doing. From the plan that I have recharged, the money of jio or another maintained is made.

Now I hope you understand the matter. So this is how operators make money. And this is how you can create your own network.

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