Why Ai Dangerous For Humans

Why Ai Dangerous For Humans – Ai Kill Human : 

Imagine a baby that was born 20 minutes ago. And then PUBG game was shown this baby for 10 minute. The kid just lost one of the world’s top PUBG players. Is it possible?

Welcome To The World Of AI

Artificial Intelligence can do this. If AI is shown something, it can do it up to the level of Super Human.

Ai can lose people in any game. Who can leave all the people of the world behind and move forward.

Today, In this topic we will discuss in details why Artificial inteligence danger for mankind.? How dangerous things are being made using Ai? Why would AI be the cause of the destruction of the human race?

So, let’s Get Started…

Why Ai Dangerous For Humans

Why Ai Dangerous For Humans: 

Did you know that Google has completely bought its parent company Alphabet, Deep Mind AI Project. Google is building an Artificial Intelligence that is more human and has the ability to think at a top level.

Some people are afraid of losing their job because of Ai. And there are fears of making dangerous Weapon. And more fear than that, an Ai that is itself a super digital brain. Which can leave any human brain behind.

Elon Musk has done a lot of work, a lot of research, a lot of study. Elon Musk owns a huge technology company.

Elon Musk himself says that there is no tool in this world that is more dangerous than Ai. Ai is even more dangerous than nuclear war.

And this Deep Mind AI Project Google making. Maybe when this project works successfully, this Ai will destroy Google company.

Or such Deep Mind Ai can take over Google in less than 30 minutes. Or this Ai create a software that can control the entire system of Google .

All the data on your phone that you have hidden from the rest of the world and all the data that Google has collected, all these data will go under the control of Ai.

It is impossible to lose this Ai in terms of Smartness and Intelligence. Even if we put all the intelligent people of the world together, it is almost impossible to lose this Ai.

However, it is true that after sometime, this Robot, Artificial Intelligence manual labour will replace. But it’s not a matter of huge danger.

ai kill human

The dangerous thing is when AI will order people. Think of the different dictators who have ruled over large countries at different times in history. He would kill whomever. He wanted. Ordered everywhere.

But that dictator’s order end one day. Because the person who is born, dies one day or another.

But think that, this Ai will never die. And this Ai will be more dangerous than any dictator. Because it will be much more intelligent than ordinary people, it will never die.

There is no switch in this Ai that can be turned off manually. Once Ai is created, then it is almost impossible to destroy it.

And this is why I first gave the example of a child. Because the thing that a human being takes 10 years to learn, the same thing Ai takes only 10 minutes to learn.

Risk Of Artificial Intelligence : 

risk of artificial intelligence

There is a limit to teaching the human brain. But there is no limit to Ai’s learning. And this is why Ai will continue to be strong day after day.

And history has shown that when a person becomes strong, he will oppress and rule over the people below him.

People use Artificial Intelligence with a lot of immorality. Did you know that the algorithm used in Facebook and some other platforms is called Narrow -Ai.

This Narrow-AI is made in such a way that it shows more expensive ad to rich people. But African countries are showing less expensive ad because these countries are poor.

This means that the algorithm is designed to distinguish between rich and poor.

If Ai makes so much difference in the beginning, think about what Ai will do when it takes the form of a Brain itself.

Ai is now used in many places. For example, to make the algorithm of social media, Smart Weapon is used to make. But it is not as dangerous as a brain.

Those who are working on this Deep Mind Ai project are now thinking that they are smarter than Ai.

But they don’t understand that when this Ai project is completed, Ai will kill people who made this project.

When this project is completed, this Ai will first want to kill his enemy. And the enemies of Ai will be those who made Ai, those who can make Ai.

So think about it, if those who made Ai don’t exist then who will destroy this Ai. There will be no survivors who will find the weak point of Ai. Because 99% of people don’t know how Ai works. How programming is done. And I’m one of 99% of people.

And if Ai is so intelligent then Ai will end his weakness first.

This Deep Mind Ai will leave behind those who made Ai. So what will those who know nothing about Ai do. And this is risk of Artificial intelligence. 


However, our future is very dark. And we are moving fast in that direction. Where Ai will rule over all of us and control us.

If the government does not put any guideline on it, then no one will be able to save us. Ai kill humans.

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