Why Free Fire Is Banned

Why Free Fire Is Banned? :

Many of you may have noticed that Free Fire has disappeared from the Google Playstore. So friends have become Free Fire Ban. So the game is no longer available on Google Playstore.

Why Free Fire Is Banned?

So now the question is why Free Fire was removed from Google Playstore? Why  free fire is banned? What happens after Free Fire Ban? What is the real reason for free fire ban? I will talk about this today.

So Without Weasting Anytime Let’s Get Started.

You may have seen that India has banned 54 apps including Free Fire. Some apps that are directly or indirectly related to China. 54 apps including Free Fire have been banned keeping in view the safety and security of India. According to experts, the data of these apps is being stored on a server which has full control over China.

India has banned 54 apps

So this Free Fire Game belongs to Garena company. And the parent company of this Garena company is the sea. And this sea is a company whose owner was originally a resident of China. Later became a resident of Singapore. So the server of this game was being stored in a place which has an indirect connection with China. And this is why these apps have been banned.

What happens after Free Fire Ban:

Applications whose servers are indirectly related to China will also be banned.

You may know that China provides some things that a company can use to move forward. You may know that without such a barnd electronics, smart watch,
There are those that come from China. And some companies in India only print their brand and sell it in the market. Not only smart watch, there are many types of things like headphone, eairphone, table clock etc.

In addition, China provides servers at much lower prices. People who buy a server to host apps usually buy a Chinese server. Because the same server that is very costly in America is much cheaper in China. The biggest dis-advantage of China’s server is Data Risk. So thinking about all this, Free Fire Game has been banned. So the question is, will the free fire never come again? Has it been banned for lifetime?

I don’t think that’s the answer. Because the company of free fire game has stated that work is underway to bring this game back. So as we saw in the case of PUBG Game.

This is exactly what will happen with this free fire. Free fire company can change server and relunch. This is the possibility. The name of the game may be changed. Server will be changed. Data will be stored in a place where there will be no data risk. I think this game will be back in a few days.

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I hope you understand Why  free fire is banned? And also get answer of these question What happens after Free Fire Ban? What is the real reason for free fire ban? Comment me what you think aboutWhy  free fire is banned? I will read all comments.

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