Why Metaverse Is Our Feature – what is metavarse? :

Hello friends do you know Why Metaverse Is Our Feature? They changed their name because they’re preparing for “Metaverse”. Now what is a Metaverse ?

Why Metaverse Is Our Feature

If I say you can play with your friends without being physical I’m not talking about online games and all, I’m saying that you can play with your friends without being physically touch but you can feel them sounds interesting. So metaverse is a virtual world where you can do anything like you can live in your dream world you can play with your friends you can attend classes or make your own “Taj Mahal” for your girlfriend I’m just kidding but you can do this Metaverse.


Doesn’t matter for whom you want to make. And no one will judge you on your looks because their you can make your own avatar and dress him/her just like you do in online games like free fire, pubg etc. But this will be more helpful like during this pandemic we all can’t go to anyone’s house. But in metaverse you can go to their homes and live with them without being physically their virtually.

what is metavarse?

In movies like ‘avengers infinity war’ in the starting part all are in virtual meeting that they’re not physically present in that place but they’re their virtually. But all these things will happen in future after 5 to 10 years I guess don’t go after reading I’m also talking about more things about metaverse which is present in this time. So on today’s basis we can only play games in metaverse by remote but in future we can do many things by just using a remote. So it is Why Metaverse Is Our Feature?

How can we earn money with this metaverse ? :

How can we earn money with this metaverse

So I believe that metaverse is our future so I’m a believer and I will buy some land on metaverse and start my business or anything because if you make your avatar so you need to buy clothes or other assets which you used to look good in your meeting or chilling with your friends etc. So that’s why we can buy assets in metaverse and start do
something. (Note:This is not recommended to invest in metaverse before March because India can ban crypto in February and all metaverse transactions based on cryptocurrency.)

So for now what can we do ? – Alternative Of Metavarse :


For now you can go to sites like “decentraland.com” and make your places for free and live a small part of your fantasy. Must visit this website and let’s enjoy. Decentraland website work like feauter metavarse. Now If you can enjoy with metavarse it not possible. But you can enjoy with “decentraland.com“. It’s somthing like metavarse.  But if India will not ban cryptocurrency so I recommend to invest in metaverse. 


Let me know what you think about Why Metaverse Is Our Feature ? And must you tell me that you are also waiting for metavarse like me?  So if you have metavarse at this time, what do you want to do first? Let me know. I will read your comments.

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