Why You Can’t Return From Dark Web? Will anyone hold you captive on the Dark Web? Or will someone tie you up with a rope? Today I will discuss all these matter.

So Without Weasting Any Time, Let’s Get Started Why You Can’t Return From Dark Web?

Why You Can't Return From Dark Web

Can you forget everything you see on the internet? Our memory is very different from the memory of the computer. If you delete something from the computer’s memory, it is deleted. But if you want to delete something from a human brain, it is very difficult. Because there is no delete option in our brain.

Dark Web Traffic Source:

Dark Web Traffic Source

Did you know that most of the traffic on the Dark Web comes from child po*[email protected]? Which is illegal anywhere in the world. Dark Web traffic comes from some places that are very bad. Which is very harmful for a society.

Why You Can’t Return From Dark Web :

If you go to the Dark Web and see something bad, you will never forget it. I would say never think of visiting the Dark web. If you go to the Dark Web and see a disturbing thing, it is almost impossible to forget it. Because this is the kind of thing you’ve never seen before. And for this reason this kind of Dark Web Content directly affects our brain very badly. And for this reason it says that You Can’t Return From Dark Web.

No one in the Dark Web holds us or no one holds us by the ropes. Or the Dark Web is not a house where someone will hold you captive. It’s a mental thing. If you’ve ever seen something like this, it’s hard to forget. And this is reason it is said that we can go to the Dark web as we wish but never come back.

Misconception Of Dark Web:

Many people have this misconception that Dark web means there are ghosts in any house or Dark Web. But that is not the case. Dark Web has no Physical location. It can be operated from anywhere. The Dark Web may have a physical location, but it is very unlikely.

Not everything is bad on the Dark Web. If you have read any Forums or used any knowledge for purpose then it is not illegal. But if you go to the Dark Web and see a disturbing thing, it is almost impossible to forget. And for this reason it says that You Can’t Return From Dark Web.

People have a lot of misconceptions about the Dark Web. These are for those who make Dark Web Story for the entertainment of the people.

There are some YouTubers who make up stories like this to entertain people. Many say that when he was accessing the Dark Web, someone put a hand on his shoulder from behind. The Dark Web contains illuminati. Never believe all these stories. Because in reality all this is nothing.

And I say all this with so much confidence because I myself am a Dark Web user.Yes, I am also a dark web user. But for some problem I quit Dark Web. I don’t access Dark Web without much need. And if you want to know why I did Dark Web Quit, what happened wrong to me, let me know by commenting and You just keep supporting me. I will share all my real experiences. Then I will upload a Dedicated post for you.


So have you ever thought about it? The things I said today, you may have never heard of before. I update this kind of interesting post on this website and my instagram. You Can Follow Me On Instagram. 

The Dark Web is not a funny thing. Black hat hackers hang out here. Hope you never visit the Dark Web. If you want to see the Dark Web, you can let me know by commenting. I will try to show you the Dark Web. And if you want to visit the Dark Web yourself, don’t go without knowledge. It can be very dangerous for your privecy.

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